Varicose veins in congenital dislocation of hip joint case

Female patient of age 55, suffering from varicose veins is not relieved with usual polycrests, this case is treated with many more assumed indicated remedies. Finally ACID NIT 0/1 given her little relief. Following are the remedies tried in her case.

SKIN – ULCERS – discharges -offensive

5th april 2011 Varicose ulcer, right leg, raw meat surface,  SIL200C
  discharge offensive on lyco, asafoetida Q, 
    cardus morinus Q
23rd april 2011 sleeplessness, thirst more, thirst little syphdist200c
    aa given
7th may 2011 Sleepless in the night,varicose ulcers Graph200c
12th may 2011 left to right cmplaints, v ulcers, sleeplessness lach200c
26th may 2011 pain heel rubsl200c
18th june 2011 not reld lyco20c, graph oint
7th july 2011 not reld secale car200c
12th july 2011 relieved slight sl200c
28th july 2011 discharge offensive ars200c
18th august 2011 discharge offensive, rt varicose ulcer lyco 0/1
5th sep 2011 not reld sl200c
19th sep 2011 not relieved complete sl200c
7th oct 2011 ulcer not relieved sl200c
24th oct 2011 not relieved complete sl200c
8th nov 2011 urine frequent sl200c, lyco 0/3 given
26th nov 2011 not relieved  sl200c
20th dec 2011 not relieved  sl200c
11th jan 2012 not relieved  nit acid 0/1
2nd feb 2012 relieved slight sl200c
14th feb 2012 pain hip joint more puls1m
16th feb 2012 pain hip joint more hyper200c
21st feb 2012 pain hip, varicose ulcer sl200c
3rd march 2012 cough, dysponea,  bry200c,aa200c
16th march 2012 not relieved, oozing sl200c
4th april 2012 fever, dysponea, pain leg bry200c
20th april 2012 not relieved sl
3rd may 2012 relieved slight na 0/3
14th may 2012 relieved slight sl200c
30th may 2012 relieved slight? arnicaQ
8th june 2012 pain limb, not relieved  sl200c
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