– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

Vaccine Administration. – Mr. Girling Ball, at the AEsculapian Society, in advocating the use of vaccines (nosodes) in acute streptococcal infections (cellulitis, puerperal sepsis, etc., due to streptococci), laid down some rules as to dosage, which emphasize the homoeopathicity of this form of treatment; e.g. , ldquo;vaccine prepared from the patient’s own bacilli is preferable to a stock vaccine;” that is, the simillimum is better than the simile; yet the simile may be of some value. Further, “Small doses frequently given are better than large doses at long intervals.” It is at least possible that it is the general superiority of the small dose over the large which is here at the root of the recommendation. – Homoeo. World.
 Why They Do It. – A few years ago a leading allophatic physician of this city, whose delight is to reflect (?) on my “pill box,” said, among many other very good things:
 “Doctor, do you know that, if you will ask my regular physician in this town or any other town why he gives a certain remedy or combination of remedies, he has no answer for you?”
 “No, I did not know that.”
 “Doctor, do you know that if you will ask a good homoeopath the same question, he will have a definite answer for you?”
 “Yes, I know this.”
 It makes all the difference in the world with a man who has a reason for what he does. – C.E.  Dienst, in Critique, Aurora, Ill., Feb 10, 1910. 

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