Alumen [Alumn]
Uvula inflamed and enlarged; elongated and relaxed after catarrh; veins about fauces distended, much hawking; throat chronically affected, troublesome cough.
Alumina [Alum]
Tiresome cough, accompanying elongated uvula, excited by the contact of the tip of the uvula with the parts at the top of the larynx, temporarily (>) by astringents.
Apis-mell [Apis]
Uvula hangs down like a bag of water; oedematous; puffy appearance of the mucous membrane of fauces.
Aralia-rac [Aral]
Paroxysmal cough waking the patient out of first sleep from relaxed uvula.
Argentum-nit [Arg-n]
Uvula and fauces dark-red; thick, tenacious mucus in throat, obliging him to hawk; sensation as if he had a stick in throat Hawk when swallowing.
Aurum-fol [Aur]
Hard hearing from elongation of uvula, with difficulty of speech.
Baryta-mur [Bar-m]
Elongated uvula, with hyperaemia and blennorrhoea; varicose veins in throat; scrofulous children with constant tendency to tonsillar and glandular affections.
Calcarea-carb [Calc]
Uvula swollen, dark-red, covered with little blisters; aphthae on roof of mouth; tickling in throat as from a feather; swallowing of saliva.
Capsicum [Caps]
Elongated, flabby uvula, enlarged and painful cervical glands; lack of reactive force; mouth pasty, gums flabby, foetid breath; haemorrhoids and fissura ani.
Coccinella [Cocci-s]
Sensation in throat as if uvula were too long, causing coughing up a ropy sputum.
Hyoscyamus [Hyos]
Cough from elongated uvula which rests on root of tongue, causing irritation and cough, () when sitting up.
Ignatia [Ign]
Dry cough with sensation of tickling in throat from uvula, and the more he coughs the more he wants to cough; spasmodic cough in nervous, sensitive persons.
Indium [Ind]
Uvula greatly enlarged; back part of pharynx covered with thick, yellow mucus, very hard to dislodge; destructive ulceration of uvula, soft palate and tonsils.
Iodum [Iod]
Swelling and elongated of uvula; glands in mouth intensely painful, salivation and foul odor from mouth.
Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi]
OEdematous uvula; deep, excavated sore, with a reddish areola, containing yellow, tenacious matter, on uvula; fauces and palate erythematous, bright or dark-red, coppery; irritation down fauces into larynx and back to posterior nares; cough, with expectoration of tough, stringy mucus, and hot, burning sensation in chest.
Kali-iod [Kali-i]
Uvula swollen and elongated, mucous membrane as if oedematous; awakens with choking, can scarcely breathe; rough feeling in trachea, compelling hawking.
Kali-mangan [Kali-ma]
Uvula, soft palate and fauces mottled, of dark-red color, with livid spots; oedematous and elongated; painful urging to swallow, with cough, or to hawk up something, which is ineffectual.
Lachesis [Lach]
Relaxed uvula, with a purplish hue about fauces; tonsils swollen; windpipe tender to touch, and causes cough, which is worse after sleeping and on change of temperature.
Mancinella [Manc]
Great elongation of uvula; heat in pharynx and down oesophagus, without thirst; stitches in throat.
Mercurius-iod [Merc-i-r]
Loose cough, back of throat and nose inflamed, glands of throat ulcerated; enlarged tonsils, he breathes with his mouth open, and snores at night; expectoration yellowish-greenish, or viscid or purulent (Merc. cor.).
Nitric-acid [Nit-ac]
Loose cough, worse in warmth, at bedtime, and when rising; tendency to small ulcers in back of throat; sluggish liver, with occasional attacks of diarrhoea.
Nux-vomica [Nux-v]
Dry and tickling cough, worse after midnight and early in morning, after eating, from cold air, muscular exertion, on first waking; cough makes head and stomach ache.
Phosphorus [Phos]
Tonsils and uvula much swollen, much elongated, with dry and burning sensation; mucus in throat, removed with difficulty, is quite cold as it comes into the mouth; mucus white, nearly transparent, in lumps.
Rhus-tox [Rhus-t]
OEdematous condition of the soft parts of fauces and pharynx, even threatening oedema glottidis; curtain of palate puffed and pink; uvula elongated, puffed, translucent, its end often nearly spherical, looking like a great drop of fluid or jelly just ready to fall off; vesicles on pharynx; intolerable rawness and roughness of larynx and pharynx.
Silicea [Sil]
Uvula sore, pale-yellow in color, swollen; throat very dry; ulcers with seem to perforate the parts; hawks though phlegm or thick, green, foetid mucus; picking in throat, as from a pin; difficult swallowing.

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