– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910, – G.Royal,

toxicology Toxicological Symptoms - utility in Homeopathy

Familiarity with this class of symptoms is essential not only to assist in our diagnosis and thereby, in some cases, save life by administering the proper antidote, but it is also essential to the selection of the indicated remedy. This we will demonstrate later when we make our application of the advantages of our classification.
 We apply other terms to manifestations of disease, such as objective, subjective, common, pathognomonic, etc., all of which vary in importance, a knowledge of which is essential to obtain the real totality. We have not time to further discuss them, but before we make an application of the above knowledge let us remind ourselves that a symptom is simply a manifestation of disease; that it is not the disease, nor even the cause of the disease; that the essentials of a symptom, which enable us to understand it, are: location, sensations and modalities. Finally. for the purpose of assisting us to apply our knowledge of symptoms, we divide them into dynamic, physiological, pathological and toxicological.
 Let us also understand the above to be the manifestation in each individual case of disease, the result of some cause other than drugs, and that these are the only indications to guide us to the selection of a remedy. 

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