–  BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory,   
 The neck is the  most mobile part of the spine and, therefore, one must use remedies of muscle contraction.
 Problems of the neck always announce a profound pathology on the physical level, such as liver and sight disorders (See : hepatic, vertigo, vision, etc) ; and on the mental level, depression (See : depression, migraines, sighing, weeping, etc.).
 It is a passage for the vital flux of air, food, blood, and nerves, and contains three endocrine glands essential for growth and the phospho-calcific metabolism.
 Homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic, and osteopathy perfectly treat the acute cases.
 Chronicity is related, in young subjects, especially women, to anxiety neurosis; in the elderly, to arthritic lesions and vascular sclerosis.
 In all cases, a general and nervous system drainage is necessary and effective.

torticollisandhomeopathy Torticollis and Homeopathic Remedy Indications

 Essential remedies
 —  catching cold during Summer by a cold evening; complete stillness; cannot sit up; agg. least movement; amel. strong pressure :
 • one dose, in the following order : BRYONIA 9C, then 12C, then 15C
 —  neck and back stiffness after draft of air; significant muscular spasm pulling head backwards, rheumatic pains, lumbosacral down to thighs, hip; melancholy; premenstrual syndrome, agg. before and during menses :
 • 3 granules, as needed : CIMICIFUGA 4C
 —  all kinds of cramps, especially extremities; tetany; agg. before menses :
 • 3 granules, as needed : CUPRUM METAL 5C
 —  recent spasmodic torticollis, sternocleidomastoid muscle and nape of neck, often head pulled to right; migraine with chilliness; local cold sensation in back :
 • 3 granules, as needed : LACHNANTES 5C
 —  pain from nape extends to entire brain, pressing in vertex, agg. by rest, amel. strong pressure with hand; cracking in jaws; twitching of facial muscles :
 • 3 granules, as needed : MENYANTHES 5C
 Injectable homeopathics
 Inject the substance in pain points, with a thin needle, just under the epidermis, once a day in severe cases.
 The remedy can be made with one or several substances by mixing the sterile ampouls, as needed.
 If necessary, repeat the injection a week later and 2 or 3 weeks after the second dose (See : lumbago).
 —  atlas :
 • headache from temple to temple like PALLADIUM, lumbar pains :
 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day, as needed : CAESIUM 9C
 • anxiety, insomnia, throbbing in right temple, before the actual depressive state occurs :
 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day, as needed :
 —  fourth cervical :
 (See also below)
 • 3 granules, as needed : MENYANTHES 9C
 —  seventh cervical stiffness; contracture after overexertion, with left arm numbness and forearm weakness; amel. lying on something hard, and by slow motion :
 • one dose, daily : RHUS TOX 9C, then 12C, then 15C
 —  eighth dorsal; tetanic spams; arm and hand weakness; stiff and numb fingertips, amel. by warmth, pressure and friction; agg. by cold, touch, night :
 • 3 granules, as needed : MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA 9C
 Lateral spasms,
 3 granules, 1 to 6 times a day, as needed :
 —  chilliness between shoulders :
 • with thoracic and diaphragmatic disorders :
 wants to lie down all the time; fainting hunger : ABIES NIGRA 5C
 sacral pain with diarrhea; agonizing pains by attacks : CAPSICUM 9C
 extend to right arm; palpitations : LILIUM TIGRINUM 7C
 burning pains between scapula, extend to thorax : LYCOPODIUM 5C
 • related to lumbar weakness :
 spine very sensitive to touch; pins and needles; tics : AGARICUS 5C
 agonizing pains when moving head : AMMONIUM MURIATICUM 9C
 pain between scapula when breathing : PULSATILLA 9C
 pain under scapula, lumbosacral, heel, amel. by strong pressure : SEPIA 9C
 —  sternocleidomastoid muscle spasm :
 • muscles, trauma : ARNICA 5C
 • serous membranes; synovia : BRYONIA 5C
 • nervous tics : HYOSCYAMUS 5C
 • tendons, strained : RHUS TOX 5C
 • periosteum; sprained : RUTA 5C
 —  trapezius :
 • right shoulder and scapula, inner, and lower angle ; left scapula, lower angle ; as if neck will break, strap-like ; upper digestive tract ; agg. by moving right arm, breathing; wakes up at 4 A.M.  :
 3 granules, as needed : CHELIDONIUM 9C
 • between shoulder blade angle near spine; Menière’s disease :
 3 granules, as needed : CHENOPODIUM 5C
 • acute or chronic contractures; loquacity
 • one dose :
 CIMICIFUGA 7C, then 9C, then 12C, then 15C, then 30C
 • weak spine, especially neck; burning between shoulder blades :
 3 granules, as needed : PHOSPHORUS 5C
 Chin pulled
 Chin pulled to right
 —  lumbar and coccyx, during menses :
 —  tetany :
 —  and pulled to left, amel. by local heat :
 Chin pulled to left
 —  sensitive hearing; agg. during menses; amel. by bath, and vinegar or sour things :
 —  menses; abortion; delivery; hands; fingers :
 —  extend down to lumbar; agg. after meal and touch :
 —  see also below :
 (See :arthritis, back, rheumatisms, etc)
 Mineral salt
 • 3X or 6X, in trituration, 1 to 3 times a day
 • 9C or 15C, in doses, every 2 or 4 weeks
 —  burning, biting, superficial neck pains extend to occiput; cramps :
 —  extremities exostosis, bone growths on the fingers and vertebra; varicose veins :
 —  neck stiffness by cold, damp cold, snow, wind and least draft of air :
 —  rheumatic pains in back and knees; acid dyspepsia; eczema; diarrhea :
 —  migraines and headaches; extremely sensitive to cold; coccyx pains :
 Main remedies
 —  dull pain in nape of neck; stiff between shoulders; agg. by cold wind; amel. damp and rainy, and warm air :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : CAUSTICUM 5C
 —  nape and occiput; front and temples; lumbosacral; arthritis; gout :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : COLCHICUM 5C
 —  essential in arthritis treatment; agg. by damp; amel. heat and movement :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : DULCAMARA 5C
 —  stiffness in vertebra as if “sand” prevents the joints from moving; neck pains when looking up or putting limbs up :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : GRAPHITES 5C
 —  pain from head to neck; from scapula to occiput; nape aching; stiff neck with sore shoulders, left shoulder and scapula, arms and hands :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : GUAIACUM 5C
 —  lumbar paralytic weakness; agg. morning; tearing pains in hands, agg. night :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : SELENIUM 5C
 See : anger, anxiety, arthritis, coccyx, decalcification, depression, dreams, fears, insomnia, lumbago, nervousness, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pains, rheumatisms, sensations, since, tetany, tics, trauma. 

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