Homeopathic Medicines for Amoebiasis:

Amoebiasis is a global disease, which is caused by the protozoan Entamoeba Histolytica. This infection affects nearly 10% of the population of the developing world with the disease burden highest in poor, developing areas. Where overcrowding, poor sanitation, and economic backwardness are common. It is an important cause of death due to protozoan infections, next only to malaria in the developing world. Homeopathic medicines are best to control mucus in the stools. The symptoms of Amoebic dysentery can cure effectively with Homeopathic Remedy. Homeopathy particularly takes individual symptoms of the person suffering from Amoebiasis. That is the reason why Homeopathic medicines and treatment for Amoebiasis is the best in improving immunity against the infection.

Homeopathic medicines for Amoebiasis

In recent times, even in advanced countries, amoebiasis has emerged as an important infection among immunosuppressed individuals like male homosexuals, intravenous drug users, and patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. In order to have a complete idea of Homeopathic treatment for amoebiasis, studying below can help us.

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Aloes – Top most Homeopathic Medicine for the cure of mucus in stools, Colitis and diarrhea due to Amoebiasis:

Feeling of weakness and loss of power of anal sphincter is the almost indication of Aloes for Amoebiasis treatment. Particularly the sense of insecurity in the rectum, when passing flatus point to this Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebic colitis. Uncertain whether gas or stool will come. The patient who needs Aloes Socotrina for Amoebiasis passes stool without effort, almost a lot of mucus with pain in the rectum after stool. Burning in the anus and rectum also call for this Homeopathic Remedy to cure the Amoebiasis.

Arsenicum Album – Another most indicated Homeopathic Medicines for Amoebiasis with
Burning pain and pressure in rectum and anus:

Prostration and burning thirst mainly direct us to use Arsenicum Album for Amoebiasis. The people who need this Homeopathic Remedy suffer from dysentery dark, bloody, very offensive in nature. Tenesmus is another symptom these Arsenicum Album patients face many times with Amoebiasis. Small offensive, dark stools with much prostration, worse at night, after eating and drinking from chilling stomach especially indicates Arsenicum Album for Amoebic colitis. Diarrheas from alcoholic abuse or spoiled meat also specify this Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis treatment.

Carbo Vegetabilis – first-grade Homeopathic Medicine for Amoebic dysentery with the discharge of blood from the rectum:

Burning at the anus, burning Varicose veins especially invite for Carbo Vegetabilis to cure the Amoebiasis. Painful diarrhea of old people due to Amoebiasis often requires Carbo Vegetabilis. Frequent involuntary cadaverous, smelling stools, followed by burning, excoriation of the anus is also the important indication of Carbo Vegetabilis to treat Amoebiasis dysentery.  Urging, even soft passed with difficulty is the most important point to note with these Carbo Vegetabilis Amoebic patients. Carbo Vegetabilis is the best Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis treatment in those the feces escape with flatus.

China (Cinchona) – Very important Homeopathic Remedy for mucus stools in Amoebiasis with, undigested, frothy, yellow, dark, foul, watery, bloody, painless stools:

The Amoebic patients who need China have stools, worse at night after meals during hot weather from fruit, milk, beer. The body becomes cold especially the chin, nose, and rapid respiration.
Involuntary stools with much flatulence especially call for China to cure the Amoebiasis.

Capsicum is the best Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis treatment with Bloody mucus with burning and tenesmus:

Drawing pain in the back after a stool the particular indication for Capsicum to cure Amoebiasis. Thirsty after stool is with shivering, also call for this Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebic dysentery. Small, hot, burning, bloody, mucus stools with tenesmus of rectum and bladder, then thirst and worse after drinking especially signify the capsicum for Amoebiasis.

Colchicum is the most specific medicine in Homeopathy for Amoebic Mucous colitis after dysentery:

Autumn dysentery is a special indication of Colchicum. Diarrhea then gouty effects especially call for Colchicum autumnale to cure the Amoebiasis. The nature of Stools in those who need colchicum for Amoebiasis is painful, scanty, transparent, jelly-like mucus. The pain, as if the anus were torn open with prolapsed mainly guides us to use this Homeopathic Medicine for Amoebiasis treatment. Other important indications are,

  • Agonizing pains remain long after stool.
  • Autumn dysentery, stools contain white shreddy particles in large quantities.
  • Ineffectual pressing feels feces in rectum, but cannot expel them.

Collinsonia is for Amoebiasis with the sensation of sharp sticks in the rectum:

Constipation and diarrhea and great flatulence is the vital symptom of Amoebiasis call for Collinsonia. The persons who suffer from prolapsed anus and itching of the anus with Amoebiasis also need this Homeopathic Remedy.

Colocynth is also a most useful Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis with stools, frothy, watery, shreddy, yellow, sour, or gelatinous with flatulence and pain:

Chronic watery diarrhea, worse in the morning especially need to use Colocynth for Amoebiasis. This Homeopathic medicine is the best indication in those suffering from diarrhea from pain and from anger with indignation. Amoebic dysenteric stool renewed each time by the least food or drink. A musty odor, Jelly-like stools are also guiding us to use Colocynths for Amoebiasis. This Homeopathic medicine is needed for amoebiasis in those who feel slippery bubbles escape chiefly from the anus.

Ipecac is one of the great Homeopathic Remedies for Amebic dysentery with tenesmus while straining:

Dysentery with head hot and cold legs point to Ipecac for Amoebic colitis. Pain in these amoebic colitis patients is so great that it nauseates. Stools of brown, grass or yellow-green, frothy, molasses-like or bloody, slimy, certainly indicates Ipecac for Amoebiasis. Pitch-like, green as grass-like frothy molasses with griping at the navel is another important symptom to use this Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis. The persons who suffer from lumps of mucous in stools certainly need Ipecac for Amoebiasis treatment.

Mag Carbonicum with very good Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis with Stools, frothy, greenish like water like the scum of frog pond:
The important indications of  Amoebiasis in this case are

  • Stools, lienteric with gelatinous fatty masses, grass green
  • Bloody mucous stools. Sour stools with tenesmus, (Rheum)

Merc Corrosivus is the best Homeopathic Remedy for amoebic colitis with Continuous urging to stool and urine, a never get done feeling:

Those in need of this Homeopathic Medicine for Amoebiasis pass pure blood or bloody water. Sweats before and after stool is another important indication for this Homeopathic Medicine in the case of Amoebiasis. Stools, hot, bloody, slimy offensive with cutting pains and shreds of mucous membranes is particularly indicated Mercurius Corrosivus for Amoebic colitis.

Mercurius Solubulis is the most indicated Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis treatment with Rectal tenesmus and tenesmus of the bladder:

Important indications of this Homeopathic Remedy for amoebiasis are:

  1. Prolapse anus after stool.
  2. Dysentery. Stools, painful, scanty, bloody, greenish slimy, ashen white, acrid, then tenesmus or chill.
  3. Never get done feeling.
  4. Discharge accompanied by chilliness, sick stomach, cutting colic, and tenesmus.
  5. Whitish-gray stools.

Nux Vomica is the best Homeopathic Medicine for Amoebiasis with Constipation and frequent ineffectual urging:

The nature of stool in these Nux Vomica amoebic patients suffering from Amoebiasis is incomplete and unsatisfactory. They will have a constant feeling as if part of the stool remained unexpelled. Constriction of the rectum with amoebic colitis always needs to remedy with this Homeopathic medicine. Irregular, peristaltic action also needs to Nux Vomica or Amoebiasis treatment.

Frequent ineffectual desire or passing but small quantities at each attempt is the symptoms that often guide us to use Nux Vomica for amoebic dysentery. Diarrhea after a debauch, particularly worse morning is the nature of Nux Vomica Amoebic patients.

Phosphorus is the best indication for Amoebiasis with the discharge of blood from the rectum during stool:

Phosphorus patients with Amoebiasis experience, urging for stool especially when lying on the left side. Very fetid stools and flatus is the nature in general call of phosphorous Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis. Painless, copious, gray, bluish, watery, pouring out, nervous involuntary after fright, exhausting diarrhea especially indicates this Homeopathic Medicine for amoebic dysentery. Some other important indications of Phosphorus for Amoebiasis are,

  • Green mucus with grains like sago.
  • Involuntary seems as if anus remained open.
  • Great weakness after stool, white, hard stools.
  • Dysentery with Burning in the rectum.

Sulphur is one of the topmost Homeopathic Remedies for Amoebiasis with Itching and burning of the anus:

The patients of rectal pain, urging, and itching in, many times need to remedy with Sulphur for amebic dysentery. For frequent, unsuccessful desire, hard, knotty insufficient mucus stools Sulphur is the best Homeopathic Medicine. Redness around the anus with itching with amoebic colitis indicates the Sulphur in Homeopathy. Moreover, Sulphur constitutions with Amoebiasis will have morning diarrhea, which drives him out of bed with a prolapsed rectum. Diarrhea, painless, hurried in the early morning, changing, mushy, foul, painless, watery, grayish, frothy worse milk.

Cambogia is the first-grade Homeopathic Medicine for amoebic colitis and diarrhea with the sudden and forcible ejection of bilious stools:

Tenesmus after stool with burning in the anus is the first indication of this Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis treatment. Pinching, gurgling in bowels, then sudden yellow or green, thin stools coming out in prolonged gushes with burning at anus. Profuse, watery diarrhea in hot weather, particularly old people with Amoebiasis call for Cambogia. Amoebic dysentery with pain in the sacral region indicates this homeopathy medicine.

Jatropha is your remedy for Amoebiasis if have stools sudden, profuse, watery like rice-water:

Diarrhea forced discharge is the first and most caution to use Jatropha for Amoebiasis. Loud noise in abdomens like the gurgling of water coming out of a bung-hole, associated with coldness, cramps, nausea, and vomiting. Watery diarrhea, it gushes from him like a torrent.
Very copious mushy stools with quantities of lumbrical and threadworms is another hint to use Jatropha for amoebic colitis.

Croton Tig is the best Homeopathic Remedy for Amoebiasis with constant urging to stool, followed by sudden evacuations:

Swashing sensation in the intestines calls this remedy into action to cure Amoebiasis. Copious watery stools are with much urging, then profuse sudden gushing stools of yellow water. Croton tig is the best medicine in Homeopathy for Amoebiasis if have amoebic colitis worse after drinking the least quantity or while eating, then prostration.

Some other Homeopathic medicines for the treatment of the Amoebiasis are:

  • Helorhoena anti dysenteric
  • Aegale mar
  • Rhus aromatic

To manage patients with Amoebiasis appropriately, we must know the

  1. Biology of the organism,
  2. Risk factors for infection,
  3. Mechanisms of disease,
  4. Pathogenesis and
  5. Host immunity,
  6. The presenting manifestations of the invasive syndrome,
  7. The correct diagnostic approach,
  8. Therapeutic drug regimens,
  9. And strategies for preventing infection.

Biology Of Entamoeba Histolytica:

Infection results from ingestion of the fecally excreted acid-resistant cyst form. Excitation occurs in the small bowel, leading to colonization of the colon with trophozoites. Transmission of infection results from fecal contamination of water or food or direct fecal-oral contact because of poor hygiene or anal-oral sexual practices.

There are distinct strains, the pathogenic E. histolytica, and the nonpathogenic Entamoeba dispar.

Approximately 10% of those with pathogenic Entamoeba infection present clinically with invasive amebiasis.

Life Cycle Of Amoeba and Pathogenesis And Host Immunity:

Intestinal infection with E. dispar usually clears within 8 to 12 months without evidence of a specific immune response


The infection is transmitted through the fecal-oral route.
Man is the only reservoir of infection Feces contain the cystic form of the organism, which can survive in the environment for several weeks. Infection is also known to occur through oro-anal sexual contact.
Cysts are ingested by the man in infected food or water.

Since cysts are able to resist the acidic gastric juice, they can pass intact to the small intestine, where each cyst multiplies into eight amoebules before excystation. The amoebules develop into mature motile trophozoites, which adhere to the colonic epithelium.

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