thuja 200c Datalogger

Hypothyroidism delayed menses case datalogger suggested Thuja Occidentalis 200c:

This is the case presentation, just to show how to select a Homeopathic remedy by using the data logger method. A female 31 came for a consultation with symptoms of hypothyroidism.  she is obese, easy-going. In this case, we have tried remedies like Kalium Carbonicum, Lachesis, and Pulsatilla, but without success. Her menses no way put on regular with these remedies. It attempts to select remedy with the Datalogger technique.

thuja 200c Datalogger

Temperature variability graph obtained from the patient is below:

Temperature variability is recorded by using a temperature data logger(HOBO) and water soil sensor. Material and methods are explained in this research paper.

thuja for hypothyroid experiment
thuja for hypothyroid experiment

How to record temperature variability by using the data logger presented in this paper. Here is the link to a scientific research paper on Homeopathic medicines. Download

Matching Patient Variability to Remedy Variability 🙁 Co-relation coefficients table):

  Rajyalakshmi n
Rajyalakshmi n  The patient 1
Thuja 200c 0.008382
Arsenicum alb 0.00826
Nux vom 200c 0.00467
Lachesis 200c -0.00454
Cc 200c -0.00573
Phosphorus 200c -0.01171
Belladonna -0.01748
Acid nit  -0.04551
Lycopodium -0.04959
Arg nit – -0.05991
Hepar Sulph 200c -0.07379
Medorrhinum -0.07777
Merc sol -0.08127
Syphilinum 200c -0.08996
Caust 200c -0.09228
Kali carb -0.09884
Rhaustx 200c -0.10818
Cv 200c -0.10995
Ign 200c -0.11172
Silicea 200c -0.11357
Kali bich 200c -0.12117
Gel 200c -0.13868
Puls 200c -0.15374
Graphites 200c -0.16221
Sepia 200c -0.18617

Looking at the Correlation coefficient chart it is evident that Thuja is only the remedy little bit nearer to Patient Variability among the available remedies. Therefore, it is given just three pills of Thuja 200c, Let us see the result.

Patient Case sheet Follow up:

31st July
Throat pain, headache, hypothyroidism kc 200c
  pain knee, burning eye, nm6x
  back pain,weakness,no sweat bell given
  menses irregular,late  
29th august
headache,not relieved nv 200c
7th sep
headache evening amm carb 200c, puls 1m
28th sep
pain legs,watering eyes, nm 200c
14th oct
little relieved sl 200c
04 November
headache,relieved slight saclac 200c
23 November
headache relieved eats often, sour desires saclac 200c
07 December
headache, sl 200c
25 December
cold, severe, wheezing, respiration bending
forward amelioration
puls 1m
10 January
no menses, 3 months, irritation, nv 200c
30 January
no menses 4 months lachesis 200c
04 February
no menses  
04 February
no menses, 4 months, Selected with data logger Thuja 200c

Conclusion: selected Thuja 200c with Datalooger

Just it is an attempt to test the new method of Homeopathic medicine selection. This technique uses data loggers and sensors. Finally, Thuja 200c is selected by our datalogger.

Also, see Datalogger technology in Homeopathic medicine selection will capture the Million dollars market in Homeopathic Medical Science in the future.

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Drdevendra Kumar munta

This patient came yesterday and reported that her menses are regular after previous prescription that is Thuja 200c. Datalogger selected right medicine in this case.

Drdevendra Kumar munta

"considering this as insignificant"
I usually omit biochemic prescriptions supporting your above quoted words.

Nazar Karukappadath
7 years ago

Dear Dr.Devendrakumar, Waiting to see your updates post the Thuja prescription. In the meantime, Homeopaths usually prescribe Biochemic preparations along with medium/high potencies as supports. Do you entirely avoid such support medications or you just omit quoting these considering this as insignificant?
Regards, Nazar