-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Patient with severe throat pain, body pains and, head heaviness came for consultation. It is given a try to select remedy with data logger.  Data logger measures temperature in human body with water soil sensor for every one  second(Temperature variability).  Sensor connected to skin of forearm.
In this manner 600 temperature points(variability) are obtained. Correlation co efficient’s are obtained by correlating these reading with previous remedy readings.  Patient readings are correlated with Belladona Readings.

A dose of belladonna 200c is given to the patient. He is suggested to come for follow-up in the evening.
 In the evening he complained that his body pains and heaviness head relieved but throat pain is not relieved in fact it is increased. Then again  temperature variability is recorded in the above manner. This time patient temperature variability is related to Belladona and in the second place Mercurius Solubulis is indicated.

A dose of merc sol 200c is given  to the patient. Merc sol certainly will relieve his throat pain.
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Drdevendra Kumar munta
10 years ago

Dear Mahbub,Temperature variability pattern of remedies are constant one obtained through previous experiments like remedy proving s. These recorded readings are compared with temperature pattern of ill patients.

10 years ago

This may be a breakthrough…I need to understand a little more …when a patient comes to you…..are you using the temp.. variability patter of the remedy already logged with the temp variability pattern of ill patients…

Drdevendra Kumar munta
10 years ago

Patient came again in the next day and complaint is that he is suffering from loose stools, throat pain relieved most. Loose stool is due to eating curry made with cucumber which is cooked in the morning and taken after 10 hours.