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 Hahnemann in his Organon of Medicine identifies a disturbed Dynamis as the only cause of disease, which expresses itself on mind and body through sensations and functions, or feelings and actions. Therefore the Dynamis must be situated ‘beyond’ mind and body. What could this ‘beyond’ mean? What is there beyond mind and body? What is the level where the Dynamis or vital force or life force operates?

The Five Level Diagram:

The-Vital-Approach_image003 The Vital Approach - Five Level Diagram

To help visualize this concept I use a diagram with five levels.
It’s probable that a person has more than five subtle bodies but for homeopathic purposes, I think we can limit ourselves to five and prescribe on that vital level, or the disturbed Dynamis as Hahnemann instructed. Besides being in line with Hahnemann’s stipulation, an advantage of this Five Level Diagram is that it shows that homeopathy is not an energy medicine as such. Of course a disturbance on Level 5 will express itself on Level 2 but we would not consider Level 2 the source or cause of the disease. The term ‘energy’ is used for a lot of different phenomena, which can cause confusion. Stating that ‘everything is energy’ might have a basic truth somewhere, but a statement that is always true is meaningless in itself.

Not everything that is invisible is the same nor can it be defined by calling it ‘energy’. The five level ‘Russian doll’ model of concentric circles enveloping each other, helps to convey the idea that as we evolve from one to five we move to increasing individuality. In our most subtle body we are most unique while the expressions in ever-denser levels are increasingly general and common.

This scheme can also help to guide us through the case taking and to evaluate from which level the information comes from.

Every person has a body and a mind. Both of them incorporate two aspects:

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