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physicalbody The Vital Approach -,Level 1: The Physical Body

This is the only visible and tangible part of the person. It is the material body; it can be touched, looked at, examined, measured, tested, and scanned from the inside and the outside.

If the person is disturbed, in many instances his physical body will show all kinds of expressions. In acute diseases for example, he may have fever, weakness, cough, pains, and evacuations. Usually the invading virus or bacteria will be considered the cause of the disease and the treatment will be concentrated on destroying the pathogens.

In the case of a chronic disease the physical signs and symptoms are usually considered the result of genetic makeup combined with life style and bad luck. The treatment is aimed at easing the expressions of the disease, at diminishing the symptoms.

Medicine, still deeply rooted in the positivistic belief that reality is defined by what is observed from the outside by a neutral observer and can be predicted and repeated, is only concerned with the physical body. Although the effect of the emotions on the physical body are recognized (and called psychosomatic), these effects are not to be compared with ‘real’ diseases. The former are cases for psychologists while the latter belong in the hands of a medical doctor.

Most people, even when confronted with the limitations of this belief, are so immersed in it that they find it hard to think of the pathogens as the result of the disease and not the cause. The tendency in recent decades has been to consider even the sufferings of the heart and soul the result of dysfunctional brain chemistry and to treat them with medication.

Treating Level 1 can be done with toxic or non-toxic substances.

Most of the allopathic medication is known to be toxic and to have side effects. Since these medications don’t touch the origin of the disease but only suppress its expression, it is clear that the disturbed Dynamis will try harder to express the same symptoms or will find another, and deeper, level.

The majority of natural healing systems are aimed at treating the physical body as well, using non-toxic substances from natural sources, for instance phytotherapy, herbal medicine, supplements, clay treatment, cleansing therapies, etc.

Similarly diets are aimed at enhancing the health of the physical body using the basic adage: ‘you are what you eat’. As undeniable as it is that diet and life style influence all levels of the person, the basic axiom from the homeopathic point of view is quite contrary to that. That is to say: the health store will provide all that is necessary for a strong and healthy body/ level one, and believe that as a consequence all the other levels will benefit, while the homeopath treats level five knowing that all other levels will benefit. It’s the way up versus the way down.

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