–   Dr Mirjana Zivanov, Doctor of Dental surgery, Homeopath,Serbia.

 I (Patient) came because
of a kidney inflammation and Escherichia coli infection in the urinary tract.

started when I caught a cold. I got soaking wet in the rain and caught a draft.
It’s my fault.
I was taking
cold showers after training, walking barefoot…
I had an
inflammation of my left kidney, a month and a half ago, with intense pain in
the left kidney region and a high fever. I was resting. I felt a pain in my
bladder at the end of urination. I was taking antibiotics.
Once I had a
sciatica in my back. Now, when I feel pain in my back, I don’t know if it’s my
kidney or sciatica.
I don’t feel
any intense pain at the moment.
I have a node
of fatty tissue on my neck. It hasn’t changed in years.
I don’t like my
job. I was put in charge of finances of a small hotel, and I don’t know much
about that. I don’t like working with numbers. I have three bosses, and each
one of them is doing his own thing. You have to twist and turn between their
interests. All the workers are suffering because of the situation. I’m trapped
with that all day long. (She started to
I’m in a dark
room. I feel trapped. It suffocates me. Now I am the person responsible for the
finances… I used to come to work after eight o’clock in the morning, water the
plants, take care of everything as if it were my own home, and everything was
fine until I was transferred into the financial section. Now I feel like a
puppet, a fool who signs everything, for legitimate and illegitimate
businesses. I have to do everything whatever my managing director orders me to.
I get nothing in return. The worst part is that I am the person responsible for
the finances! I’ve lost my identity.
I love making
things. Colored photographs, not black and white! Aesthetics is important to
me. In my apartment everything is beautiful. My Photo frames are red, orange…
Colors appeal to me.
I dream a lot,
in color.

The patient is of delicate stature, oversensitive, she
likes beautiful things, flowers, to make, create, she finds colors appealing,
but feels trapped at work, forced to do things she doesn’t like, and doesn’t
want to do, but she suffers quietly as all the employees there do… She feels
Rp. Carcinosinum desc.
Follow-up after
one month
I feel great!
This is great!
Mentally I feel
great. I am much more relaxed!
The first day
after the remedy I felt very sleepy.
I almost don’t
care at all about my job. I don’t feel agitated any more. A complete
It started
right after I took the remedy and it still lasts…
I feel the
kidney from time to time, but just in one spot. Sometimes I feel uneasy at the
end of urination.
I dreamt about
a herd of white and chestnut horses… It was beautiful.
Considering that the patient’s mental state is
significantly better, because she is much more relaxed and happier we have
concluded that the remedy started the healing process.
Rp. Observing and waiting
Follow-up after
one month
A month had
passed. Everything was great. Now my hay fever has started. I used to have it
before, but now it’s in a much weaker form. I’m in a great mood.
Since the mental state is still good, and she used to
have hay fever before, we have concluded that it is a reappearance of the old
Rp. Observing and waiting
Follow-up after
one month
Basically I
feel fine.
I have been
anxious lately. My work has started to bother me again and I get anxious for no
good reason, but still I see it different than before. It doesn’t bother me
that much.
Outside of work
I am fine. Everything is great.
I sleep and eat
The first remedy was miasmatic, and it worked on deep
levels of the past and ancestors, removing the factors that predispose
illnesses. Since the mental state is not as good as it was on the last follow
up, we have decided to give a remedy of the same miasm, but with less action, a
plant with a delicate flower, like she is.
Rp. Staphysagria c200
Follow-up after
one month
There is
nothing that makes me anxious in my life any more. I don’t spend money. Next
month I will be relieved of the duty of signing financial documents for my
firm, from that responsibility!!!
Something is
happening with the node on my neck. It changes in size. It becomes bigger and
then smaller.
I have poured
out my heart with the things that have bothered me for a while, and since then
it has become smaller. I dreamt of horses.
Since everything is going well, she feels better at
work, she opened up and became stronger mentally, we have decided to,
Rp. Observing and waiting
Follow-up after
three months
I have had a
boyfriend for six months, now. I feel much better when I am with him. I have
some company and support.
I had to go on
a business trip for a month. I felt very tense when he was not around. I’m not
anxious, but it’s hard for me.
I had herpes on
my thigh. I used to have it before when I was stressed out or in PMS. Three
years ago it was on the front side of my thigh… And it happened to my mother
too, at the same time it happened to me!
Since there is a decline in the mental state of the
patient, we will repeat the remedy.
Rp. Staphysagria C200
Follow-up after
three months
I feel fine.
I’m satisfied with myself.
My kidney is
fine! Everything is fine!
Only that node
of fatty tissue on my neck keeps changing its shape and color. It used to be
firmer and bigger, and now it’s softer. I feel light tension and burning in
that node.
Ten months have passed since the beginning of the
therapy… The remedy is good for her. Her mental state is excellent.
Rp. Staphysagria 1M
Follow-up after
six months
I feel good, and
I am strong both emotionally and mentally. Everything is going according to
plan. Everything is fine at work, and the relationship with my boyfriend is
Rp. Observing and waiting.
Follow-up in six months or when necessary.
About Dr Mirjana Zivanov:
Dr Mirjana Zivanov
Dr. Mirjana Živanov graduated from Medical Faculty,
University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy.
Mirjana has 10 years of everyday clinical practice in Classical Homeopathy, at
homeopathic clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. Mirjana is the author of the book
Homeopathy in Practice”. and 
 Vice President of ‘Youth Homeopathic Association‘. Mirjana can be contacted at:

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Suranjan De
3 years ago

You are doing miracle each and everyday. Great Homeopath you are in this world.You dont need any introduction. World best Doctor you are now. Everybody should follow your treatment.

Suranjan De
3 years ago

Great Doctor you are. We are such a genius doctor who does not need any introduction. World best doctor you are now.

5 years ago

Read with interest ur blog on staphysagria. One of the best remedies undoubtedly it is. Congrats

Dr. Sunil Kumar
6 years ago

Awesome work dear congratulation

Mirjana Živanov
6 years ago

thank you <3

6 years ago

Good work doctor congratulation

6 years ago

Congratulation doctor good work

Mirjana Živanov
6 years ago

I never change simillimum, at least not as long as patient is fine, but calc. carb. is an interesting way of thinking.

6 years ago

Dear Doctor, congratulations on your success [ i can say great success]because catching the mind symptoms is difficult. After that also a right miasmatic remedy. Hope your good services will last longer to help the suffered.

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad
6 years ago

Very very informative article.

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing great , intresting and informative article. How do you think about calc. Carb200c for next follow up?

Mirjana Živanov
6 years ago

thank you <3