– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,
 Thos. G. McConkey, M. D…


The word simillimum is so peculiar to homoeopathic literature and is of such frequent use by us that its proper spelling ought not to be a matter of uncertainty, which seems to be the case. I put the matter to the experimental test a few years ago at a gathering of homoeopathic physicians, most of them writers, and found that the majority would spell simillimum with one “l.” Among those present was the lamented Editor Kraft, who made mention of the incident in his account of the dinner and this, I hoped, would be sufficient to call attention to the correct spelling. But the fact that this incorrect spelling appears in the title of a book recently published and appears more frequently than the correct spelling certainly warrants even if it does not demand correction by some one. The incident of having a paper of my own appear in the February Medical Century with the word misspelled furnishes me the occasion as well as the courage to call attention to some elementary Latin facts. In the paper the word simillimum occurs some six or seven times and was properly spelled in the manuscript, but the scholarly proof reader corrects (?) my spelling scrupulously and the word appears with one “l” throughout so that it was not a matter of careless proof-reading but deliberate correcting (?). It has always grieved me to find this word misspelled, but to find this misspelling in my own printed paper causes a state of mind not completely described by the word “grieved.” The fact that “similibus” has but one “l” may be a factor in contributing to this error. The superlative of the Latin adjective similis, (m. and f.), simile, (n), is formed by the addition of the suffix limus, (m., f., n.), to the stem “simil.” Hence the correct spelling of the neuter is simil-limum. In the older homoeopathic literature you never find this inexcusable error. Are we less scholarly or only more careless?
 Thos. G. McConkey, M. D… 

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