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The new issue of SPECTRUM of Homeopathy is now available: New Life – Perinatal Homeopathy. The period before and after birth presents the mother and child with many challenges. Homeopathy can be of great help during this critical phase. It can deal with complications during pregnancy and resolve problems during birth and the early part of the child’s life. 
This edition of Spectrum is especially rich and relevant to practice. Along with many tried-and-tested remedies prescribed by leading homeopaths such as Didier Grandgeorge and Friedrich Graf, there are also impressive case histories of new remedies and thought-provoking innovations – for example, to help with the trauma of birth. 
Friedrich Graf reports on Kalium carbonicum for prolonged labor, Heiner Frei writes about baby colic, and Richard Moskowitz presents Caulophyllum and Cimicifuga as major remedies for uterine dystocia. Ute Bullemer describes proven indications in obstetrics, and Alice Timmerman and Jacques Lamothe report on the love and care hormone Oxytocinand difficult cases in neonatology.
Feedback on the Lanthanides issue:
The last issue on the Lanthanides was outstanding … I’m already looking forward to the next issue – I’m fascinated to find out what’s going on in the ‘new world of homeopathy’ these days.” (S.S.)
“I have learned a great deal from the journal, and look forward to expanding my awareness of new perceptions and remedies. Your marvelous journal should be a part of all homeopath’s required reading…a true gem!” (J.P.)


Spectrum of Homeopathy 2013-I, New Life 
Perinatal Homeopathy
128 pages, booklet, product no. 13453, € 18 / $ 24
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Many doctors and midwives cherish homeopathy as a valuable complement to technological medicine. The gynecologist Anja Maria Engelsing offers an overview of what homeopathy can achieve. When there are frequent problems in the perinatal period, homeopathy provides a rich treasure trove of tried-and-tested remedies. The size and diversity of this set of remedies as well as its effectiveness is shown in this edition of Spectrum, in which experienced homeopaths such as Ute Bullemer, Friedrich Graf, Heiner Frei and Jacques Lamothe report from their gynecological and pediatric practices. 
Homeopathy can also help greatly for traumatic stress, as shown by the pediatrician Andreas Richter from his many years of practice: he uses a case of persistent crying to illustrate disturbed regulation in a very young baby. As so often, the underlying traumatic experience of the newborn baby is here related to the mother’s own disturbed childhood. This topic includes incomplete incarnation. Angelika Bolte and Jörg Wichmann present three cases to illustrate the problematic relationship between pregnancy, birth and the period after birth. 
The pediatrician Anna Koller-Wilmking offers 12 cases of newborns with difficulties to show how the repertoire of tried-and-tested remedies with classical repertorization can be profitably extended by using the sensation method. 
Jürgen Weiland also uses both classical and modern approaches in his practice. As a homeopath who trains midwives, he has found that it is often possibly during the perinatal period to see pure and unfiltered energy patterns in mother and child. Disturbances during this special period can therefore frequently by observed as highly dynamic symptoms, permitting the characteristic energy of the kingdoms to emerge very clearly, which makes it far easier to differentiate the likely remedies. 
Precisely because the expectant mother and the unborn child are so intimately related, many homeopaths recommend that pregnant mothers undergo homeopathic treatment before birth, without waiting until something has already gone wrong, such as premature birth, which is increasingly common all over the world. 
Yet here too – at the threshold of survival – homeopathy can be astonishingly helpful. Didier Grandgeorge reports from his practice on the treatment of such premature babies. Particularly impressive is the report from the pediatrician Bettina Baltacis on the dramatic situations in which homeopathic remedies can aid healing alongside the major technical efforts of perinatology. She discusses the potential of in-patient homeopathy treatment on a neonatal ward in Vienna. 
We would like to thank our talented authors for the gentle delivery of this issue, which is especially dedicated to the ever increasing number of midwives enthusiastically using homeopathy in their practice.
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