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dietconstipation The hygienic and accessory preventive treatment for Constipation

According to M. Jousset the regimen should be especially directed to combating the special etiology circumstances. Besides the use of cold injections or the introduction of a roll of charpie into the rectum, the diet should consist of bran bread and a soup made of maize, lentils or beans. The use of unground flaxseed or mustard grains have also a favorable action. Certain natural sulphur waters, principally those which contain chloride of soda (St. Gervais and Uriage), the waters containing free sodic chlorides (Niederbrunn, Friedrichshall) give the happiest results in the treatment of constipation.
 We are surprised that M. Jousset does not mention the Sedlitz, Pullna, and Hunyadi-Janos waters, whose favorable action experience has daily demonstrated. The Pullna water especially, constitutes according to Constantine James, “one of the most pleasant and sure medications which therapeutics possesses”.
 Ruddock insists upon regularity in the time of eating (three times a day), the predominance of a vegetable (greens and fruits) over an animal diet, oatmeal gruel with molasses at breakfast, brown bread in preference to the white, the careful mastication of those articles of food which contain starch, curdled milk and whey, the internal and external use of water (one or two glasses of water drunk while dressing in the morning are sometimes useful adjuvants), and the avoidance of spirituous liquors, spices, and late suppers. He also recommends a morning walk, but it should not be carried to the point of fatigue. Dry frictions or wet compresses over the abdomen may prove efficient. The organism should be accustomed to a regular and fixed period for stool, just as for any other physiological act; by fixing the attention upon this point for some moments each day it can be finally attained and with great advantage to the health.
 These directions seem to us to be wise, imprinted as they are with that eminently practical spirit which we often admire in the English, our powerful neighbors and best friends.
 Another English physician, Dr. Tuthill Massy, recommends salt-water injections and frictions with olive-oil over the abdomen.
 Other practitioners recommend olive-oil taken internally, a spoonful at a dose, night and morning. Besides the means already mentioned, let us cite rapidly, the juice of prunes, preserved fruits, honey, brown sugar, syrup, manna, the use of chicory in place of the morning coffee, a cigarette while fasting. We have been told by one of our eminent colleagues, and have since verified it for ourselves, of the efficacy of the pastilles of tamarinds, taken from time to time, lengthening the intervals between each one. Has this substance only the tamarind as an active principle? We are inclined to believe this, notwithstanding the contrary opinion of many physicians who think that senna enters into the composition. 

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