The homeopathic remedy and the plane of action 

Homœopathic medicines are not material substances. There is no “Matter” in any Homœopathic remedy in its potentised form beside the alcohol and the sugar globule. But these last-the alcohol and the sugar globule-are not the medicine. They are only the vehicles in which the medicine is stored up. The medicine itself is only an abstract energy, a dynamis, and it is stored up in the material vehicle of the alcohol or sugar. All other medicines e. g., allopathic etc. are material substances, and as such, they are capable of acting on the material plane only just as food and drink. The food and drink that we take, enter into our stomach and are converted there by the systemic processes, into blood, bone and marrow etc. And similarly, allopathic and other medicines of a material type enter into our system and are converted there into the different necessary ingredients. Besides acting on the material plane as foods, un-homœopathic medicines also act as chemical substances in certain cases. Any way, these medicines act on the plane of “Matter”, and they are quite unable to reach the finer plane of “Spirit” or “Energy”, because “Matter” can act only on “Matter”, it cannot act on a thing like “Spirit” which is so much finer and subtler.

 The above suggests that unless the medicine which is introduced into the system for the cure of a disease is fine enough, that is to say, is as fine as the disease-force itself, or in other words, unless the medicine is on the same plane as the plane on which the disease is-on which the systemic vitiation has taken place, there can be no cure. And disease is always on the plane of the spirit-mind. The physical expression of it in the physical body is only an expression, and it appears there only gradually. The physical expression of the disease is thus not the disease but its effect, and this material effect of the immaterial disease, which is in the mind, is not the object of cure. It is the immaterial, spirit-like disease, whose expression the physical manifestation is, that has to be cured, and if that is cured, the physical manifestation will gradually disappear quite of itself. The real disease is only an abnormal functioning of the life-force. The life-force is too fine and subtle to be reached and acted upon by does of medicines that are as coarse as “Matter”. The curative medicine has, therefore, to be fine enough; it has therefore to be as fine as spirit. This is why Homœopathic medicines are potentised. It is by potentisation that the material substance-say Nux Vomica-is rendered finer and finer, until in the 200th or 1000th potency, it ceases to have any of the properties of “Matter.” And when it reaches this immaterial condition, that is to say, when it becomes something like a spirit-like power-a dynamis, it aquires the capacity of curing disease. All Homœopathic medicines in their different potencies are only so many “powers”-“dynamic agents” of different grades. The higher the potency, the greater the power-the dynamic force, because, more is it spirit-like. This explains why Homœopathic medicines are so very quick, far-reaching and deep and lasting in their action. It is not “matter” beating against “matter” but “Subtlety” acting with “Subtlety”. The potentised remedy corrects the abnormal functioning of the life-force and brings it to its normal functions, and the material expression which is ordinarily recognised as disease-tumour, rheumatism and gout-disappears automatically.

 The above would set one thinking that the material medicines of allopathy and other schools have then absolutely no power of cure. To this very pertinent question, it can only be said that the power they have is the power of “matter” on “matter”. Just as food and drink have the power, so have material medicines power of affecting the material body. It is no power of cure, and this explains why the effects of all other medicines than Homœopathic are never gentle, quick, deep, far-reaching and lasting. You can yourself observe the effect of a dose of opium or quinine. Opium and quinine act on the physique and not on the spirit-not on the mind. They only act on the effect of the disease, but not on the disease, which is really “Spirit”-like. Thus they effect no “Cure”.

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