–  IRHIS Publishers, Leidschendam, The Netherlands
 Mind-Generalities by Roger van Zandvoort, 2,799 pp. IRHIS
 Reviewed by Greg Bedayn

The Complete Repertory is f i n a l l y complete! Roger van Zandvoort has recently finished his monumental task of compiling the largest, most complete, and most accurate repertory in the history of homeopathy.
 Using Kent’s Repertory as the core, van Zandvoort poured in the contents of every reliable repertory he could put his hands on, including the unique personal repertory’s of Pierre Schmidt and von Bönninghausen. He then went through every rubric and traced them to their origins, when he could, to confirm them as valid -he has even listed the page number of the original text for each rubric for precision reference! He changed previously confusing abbreviations to more easily understood versions. He moved the most important word in many rubrics to be read first, ie: during urination was changed to urination, during. The hierarchy of the rubrics was reconstructed to flow better in certain areas, he modernized and clarified the terminology in some cases, ie: miscarriage has been replaced with abortion, and micturition became urination. When the text of a rubric was unclear, van Zandvoort went to the original materia medica source to correct it. In short, he has left no stone unturned to make this book as accurate and all-encompassing as is humanly (with a computer…) possible. There are many more improvements, too many to list in this review, however all of these details are listed and explained clearly in the introduction to the book. One can download a complete listing of the improvements in the Complete through Homeonet, in the hn. complete conference, item number sixteen.
 Van Zandvoort and his team have made 515,000 confirmed additions in the Complete, sometimes using Andre Saine’s personal collection of homeopathic literature as a guide to the reliability of authors. He then confirmed the new information with the book reviews for those sources found in the old homeopathic journals. He has added new and old proving information for many remedies, including Granite, Bothrops atrox, Sequoia, Atrax, Limestone and many others.
 The Complete Repertory comes in three volumes and an all-in-one volume.
 Available at most book sellers for the following pricing:
 1-Mind (cost $109)
 2-Vertigo through Speech and Voice (cost $125)
 3-Respiration through Generalities (cost $125)
 4-The entire Complete Repertory in one book of 2,830 pages (cost $289)
 During the decades of man/woman-years of precision research that went into this book, the endless confirmation searches, the constant balancing of obscured facts, cross referencing, re-designing, and compiling, the admittedly “conscientious about trifles” van Zandvoort often repeated two mottos: “We will not be hurried by any competition” and “All that is not given, is lost.” To the former, I would reply: now it is time for the payoff, both yours and ours, to the later: thank you for all your trouble, it has been worth the effort.

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