The chronic patient and change of climate 

Physicians of the allopathic and other schools are often in the habit of advising change of climate for their patients. It is not that Homœopaths do not advise change of climate, but that the object with which the Homœopaths advise change is different. Let us enter deeper into this question and see if change of climate is really necessary for chronic patients, and in what circumstances it is necessary.
 The cause of chronic diseases is Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis-either any one or two or all the three of them. Now, these miasms have by nature an inherent tendency of continuing in the system in some form or other, that is to say, it is not their tendency to leave the system of their own accord. Then again, these miasms are not material substances, but on the contrary they are extremely subtle. In fact they are as subtle as the mind, or in other words, they are only certain conditions of the mind-of the life-force, implanted on it by evil thinking and evil action. Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis are thus certain abnormal conditions of the normal life-force and the cure of chronic disease means freeing the life-force from their grip, or in other words, it means bringing the life-force back to its normal condition. This is no mean task. It is normalising the abnormal life-force, and can we possibly expect to accomplish this superhuman business by a mere change of climate-of air, water, scenery and society?-We presume to think this to be an idle dream. In order to bring the abnormal life-force back to its normal condition, it must be necessary to introduce something into the system, which is as immaterial and spirit-like as the life-force itself. As Homœopathic medicines in their potentised forms are such spirit-like agents, it is they alone and not a change of climate only that can accomplish this work. It is, therefore, all silly and useless to advise change of climate, before the life-force has been brought back to its normal condition by means of deep-acting potentised drugs-drugs that are capable of reaching the plane of spirit. If however, change of climate is effected alongside the type of curative treatment referred to above, the matter is different, as this might help the process of cure to some extent if the new place happens to be more suitable to the patient. The fact is, that cure can only be effected by potentised drugs in high potency, and never by a mere change of climate, though this latter may aid the process of cure to some extent.

 As explained above, when change of climate is advised in any case, it should be seen to that the place chosen is suitable for the particular patient, and above all, that the process of treatment is not interfered with. It must be borne in mind that change of climate is rubbish if it is advised at the cost of treatment. Because it is treatment and not change of climate alone that will cure the patient; and if there are both treatment and change of climate, so much the better. If treatment is sacrificed for change of climate, it is sacrificed at the cost of cure, while, if the treatment continues and there is only no change of climate, the cure may only be delayed.
 It is a common practice these days, to advise change of climate for patients diagnosed to have phthisis. And this advise is, at times, given even at the sacrifice of treatment. How very idle! Is it expected that a little sea-breeze will save the patient, whose condition may well be imagined from the very descriptive expression “phthisis”?-No; if there is anything on earth to save a phthisic, it is only highly potentised Homœopathic drugs that are capable of reaching and acting on the plane of the life-force, and not the sea-breeze that can only act on the material tissues of the body. Phthisis is far more subtle than the mere tissue charges that they perceive with their microscopes. Remember, tissue changes are only the effects of the vitiated life-force.

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