– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,
organon The centenary of the organon
A hundred year cycle has grown a laurel wreath around Samuel Hahnemann. Time has proved his prophetic words, “by my conscientious labors, the true healing art has been found.”
 We gather at your feet, great discoverer of Homoeopathy, gratefully, admiringly, to thank you again for your wonderful book, the corner stone of the school you founded, the Organon of Medicine! It is the revelation of medical truth and law gathered in part from the obscure limits of all ages, placed in available form. It is compass, chart, yes, and rudder, steering the world’s physicians into harbors of deep thought. From its pages shine the lights that reveal the ways and the means to apply the law. When the totality of symptoms is gathered, each symptom having its relative value in the anamnesis, or structure of the case, the Organon shows how to find the similar remedy, to discover the plane of the disease, to know when to repeat the dose, giving a thorough knowledge of what to do and, better yet, what not to do. Has the Organon a peer? The tides of men’s thoughts have flowed in and ebbed an hundred years. Has any learned man in any school of medicine a more complete volume to offer?
 The master-minds of the century have found not one link faulty in the chain Samuel Hahnemann welded; it has held the ship of Homoeopathy anchored in eternal law, safe through tempests.
 Unlike the philosophers of the world, who reason to a certain point and then fail, he knew how to draw from the great reservoirs of all truth, as the sun draws from the sea and returns the water to the earth again in many forms, as vapor, rain and snow. Samuel Hahnemann, Master, Seer, acknowledged that the law of cure which he expounds in the Organon was given him from the Father of the Lights. He who guides the shining heavenly bodies in their paths, who teaches the birds to select the best aura in which to raise their young and the myriad fishes to journey from sea to sea and not be confused, would such love leave man to spell out the laws for his best good, by the shadows of Nature’s night? No, a thousand times no.
 In the pages of the Organon we find, if we search, the law we need to guide in every difficult place. One brother gains help, another far greater help. Some say that it is too deep. Oh! if I had a thousand senses, then I might know. If I go beyond thought and law, I should be perfect and equal with God. Because one may not know all at once is no excuse for not striving to perceive, for not studying this, the book of Homoeopathy.
 When you are near the shores of a beautiful lake that has for its floor a snow white carpet of sand, push out from its shore and, when it is calm and in tune, look down and clearly see its beautiful foundations; but when it is swept by breezes, even lightly, across its mirror surface, can you see the bottom or even the reflection of the trees along its shores although they stoop over, gazing in? The white capped mountains have lost their reflection on its disturbed surface, ruffled and out of harmony, fighting back the force of the wind. Every action has its reaction, every evolution its involution.
 Can one expect to see clearly the depth of meaning in the Organon who comes to its pages with a prejudiced mind, a soul of doubt, so enveloped in a gross and material plane that he disturbs the mirrored reflections of dynamic forces?
 From ancient times, even to the Vedas of India, it has been known that man was before his organs. His vital forces or prana rule and command his organs. They are God in man. All admit that pathology is wonderful and should be deeply studied. It is the result of disease, not the cause.
 Because we do not see, even with the microscope, the current running along a wire, you would not be so foolish as to doubt it and sacrifice your life by touching that wire. You are willing to believe the scientists, who have made it a life study. It is enough for you that it lights your house and supplies its heat, brings your messages under the sea and girdles the earth.
 But when the Sage of Coethen reveals the vital forces in man and the laws that govern, men exclaim, impossible!
 It was stated in one of our meetings that Hahnemann never used above the 200th potency. Consider what he accomplished even as a lad of twelve years, teaching Greek, later arranging libraries, studying in their universities, proving scores of remedies, giving us our best books on Homoeopathy, suffering abuse and persecution, driven from place to place, all but starving with his family, because he believed in the Divine Law of Cure. Nothing could influence him from honor and truth. Although he died without running the remedies higher, he directed his disciples in the way that led to the higher potencies, as is evident to every real student of the Organon; as long as you get aggravation, there is still medicinal property left in the remedies.
 True Homoeopathists have seen the action all along the line, with the remedies which they have used, to meet the planes of the disease which they were treating.
 Hahnemann was well equipped by culture as well as by his marvelous genius to be the author of the Organon. He was trained by his father who was so gifted that when the scholars gathered at his home evenings he took them to the shining stars in intellectual thought, when they would implore him not to leave them among the intellectual heavens without means to come back to the earth again. Hahnemann delved into the mystic lore in the ancient libraries, reading in their original languages the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, “the scribe of the gods,” who dwelt in old Egypt, the contemporary and, if legend be true, an instructor of Abraham. Hahnemann had a master key with which he could open the inner doors of the temple of Nature.
 Behold the workings of her laws. He had the secret word to give at her doors. Hahnemann and his disciples were impelled by love for humanity. They stood the laugh of ridicule, the scorn of their associates, the persecution of critics. They stood and braved all, because they saw the dawn of a broader apprehension of the principles of law, breaking, as with rosy fingers, in the Eastern sky. The highest peaks feel first the morning’s glow: these white mirrors reflect the pink coloring to the lesser ones, until even the cold dark valleys are warmed and stirred by the glorious day.
 So the masters of Homoeopathy know that the time is coming when every true physician of our school will want to practice as Hahnemann taught. The Organon is as the sun to our solar system of learning.
 It is gratifying to see our brothers of the Old School take up with the Organon, and their favorable comments on such paragraphs as 275 and 276, notably Cabot, of Harvard; Behring and other distinguished Germans. No one can call Dr. Trudeau, of Saranac Lake, a dreamer, for he has had as much to do with cases of phthisis and their cure as any man in this country. He has proved the truth of what Hahnemann discovered and taught in the Organon a century ago, that the fitness of medicine in a given case of disease does not depend alone upon the accurate selection, but also upon the requisite minuteness of the dose, as he uses the 1/7,000,000 of a grain of tuberculin.
 How can we, his disciples, better restore Hahnemann to Homoeopathy and Homoeopathy to Hahnemann than each for himself to read and, re-reading, lay up in our hearts and practise it in our profession, the priceless Organon. Inspired again with zeal for our Hahnemann’s law of cure, we will not rest until it is taught in its purity in our colleges and practiced in the wards of the hospitals that fly its colors.
 Less time will be wasted in politics. The voice of the many calling for Hahnemannian Homoeopathy will be heard above the din of all selfish ambition by the pain alleviated, the cures made; the true Hahnemannian Homoeopathists are present illustrations of the teachings of the peerless Organon, the living laurels in its author’s crown of achievements. Let the master himself close this apostrophe to the Organon. He is at Coethen. It is Easter, 1824. Five years have passed since the second edition of the Organon went out. It has met “with much acceptance by physicians far and near.” A new edition is called for. In the preface he writes:-
 “I rejoice at the benefit it has already conferred on humanity and look forward with intense pleasure to the not distant time when, though I shall be no longer here below, a future generation of mankind will do justice to the gift of a gracious God and will thankfully avail themselves of the blessed means he has provided for the alleviation of their bodily and mental sufferings. A. H.”
 “To pity distress is human
 To alleviate it is God-like.”
 A. Eugene Austin, M. D., H. M. 
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