The case of the hot-headed sailor (J. Shah)
 Argentum nitricum

35 year old man. (Notes taken from video presentation, Maui 1994.)
 cc: Skin problem and I’m working on a ship. I’ve had the problem since ten years of age. I feel very abnormal about this on the palms of my hands. Continually for last one and one half years. Same thing on soles of my feet. It itches a little. I feel reserved about shaking hands with people.
 Jayesh: Why do you feel so odd to shake hands with someone?
 Patient: Because people will start looking at it. I feel that something is really wrong with it;
 annoyed with myself. I’m short tetery when things don’t go right.
 Jayesh: Tell me more.
 Patient: I expect others to do things also; if not ego problems begin.
 Jayesh: Describe this.
 Patient: I am hot headed; not a little, a lot. All this aggravates my skin problem. I get angry and
 then remain aloof. I will not go and meet the person again. I don’t want to say sorry to people. I
 feel that I am always right and I stick to my guns.
 (Jayesh: Just be quiet. As time passes he will be stressed to talk.)
 Patient: I don’t like to bow and join them again. (Long, long silence.) The ship is a small community.
 I trusted a person. It’s silly.
 Jayesh: Don’t worry we are silly specialists.
 Patient: I had to follow orders. I shared a secret with someone and it came back to him. I felt
 quite bad.
 Jayesh: Just describe this bad.
 Patient: I become friendly easily and break it fast.
 (Jayesh: With reserved people use silence and in 3 to 5 minutes they will become uncomfortable. Look
 at the patient in that silence and sit quietly and peacefully. Silence is a very, very important tool that
 we use.)
 Patient: It affects my mind a lot. My sleep gets disturbed. I remain aloof and I isolate myself.
 Jayesh: When you are away what thoughts and feelings come to you?
 Patient: I’m thinking about the situation a lot. Why do I get caught in all this? No ability to
 speak with one in one way and another in a different way.
 Jayesh: Is something wrong in that area?
 Patient: I feel that I am right and they are wrong. Whatever I say I stand by it.
 Jayesh: What were you thinking and feeling?
 Patient: I’ve never felt I have done something wrong. I don’t have that kind of diplomatic talking.
 Jayesh: So how does it bother you?
 Patient: People say and think that I am wrong.
 Jayesh: Then what do you feel about yourself?
 Patient: There must be something wrong with me.
 (Jayesh: Still this is vague but you are getting him to feel the feeling.)
 Patient: It comes down to everything. Because I cannot express, I’ll end up with problems. I can’t do it as a normal person can. There is something lacking with me. Coupled with my anger it becomes even more weird. I feel dejected.
 Jayesh: Go through and feel that feeling and tell me. (Not going to leave him until this is brought out.) What puts you off and troubles you?
 Jayesh: What dreams do you have? (To give us the inner feeling behind all of this.)
 Patient: In a state or situation where I cannot make it. Dream of failure. Sometimes I do get it often when I am on the ship. Going on a ship very fast, run aground.
 Jayesh: Tell the dream exactly.
 Patient: I’m supposed to be navigating but I don’t do that and I pass the ships too near. I make some mistakes when navigating.
 Jayesh: What will happen?
 Patient: I will run into another ship, ram it. The ship is still moving; I’ve made a mistake; I should be more careful. Still again I am going too close to the ship. I keep telling myself I should not make the mistakes.
 Jayesh: What is the feeling?
 Patient: I keep on saying to myself that I should not keep on making this mistake. Constant compulsion to justify myself, that I have not done wrong. I must prove it to myself because if I would have done wrong I will have to go and apologize.
 Jayesh: What do you do when you get angry?
 Patient: I feel like beating up the person but I have never done that.
 (Jayesh: First let it connect with the subconscious and then ask about a dream.)
 Patient: Second dream is at Bombay Central Railway Station and I’m supposed to go somewhere but I don’t make it.
 (Jayesh: Main anxiety is that he should not make a mistake. Fear of losing control. Delusion he has done wrong. Argentum nitricum 1M)
 His skin cleared within 21 days. In less than 1 week the palm totally cleared. He needed three doses of Arg-n. 1M in one year’s time. Originally repeated the remedy when he lost control of his child who fell from his arms. Hands got worse again so repeated the remedy followed by excellent results. The inner state calmed down, too, over time. 

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