– American Institute of Homoeopathy,1910, 65th Session,


The Journal has been insistent in its desire that all who are going to California shall travel on the train which has been provided by the Transportation Committee. We see no good reason why we should advocate any other route now. We have not at any time entered into a discussion as to the merits of any of the different routes. We have contended that it is our duty to make the best possible showing for our school of medicine and create the best possible impression in the cities through which we must pass en route. This can be best done by our going in one large party rather than straggling in on various trains. It does seem that the Committee have provided a route and will provide a train which should satisfy the most exacting. Looking over their prospectus printed on another page of this number, one is surely impressed with the wealth of pleasure and variety of entertainment promised, and the prospect is that there will be more than is promised. We do not think it necessary to go into details, as it would only be repetition of what has already been said. We do urge with all the earnestness in our power that members who are going to Pasadena shall go by the Institute “Special.” 

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