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Thanks to the tireless efforts of the editor, Greg Bedayn, our journal has contributed much to NASH’s public image as it is increasingly considered to be among the best of the scholarly journals of homeopathy in the world. Greg has appointed Kim Baker, Carolyn Hallett and Chris Ellithorp as co-editors this year. Articles must be submitted on disc (MAC/PC) to the AH Coordinator, for specifications contact:
 David Paulley 5876 Ocean View Drive,
 Oakland CA, 94618-1535
 510-547-3351 or 510-547-7760
 email: rammyramgraphica. com
 thewabbit1aol. com
 Our quarterly newsletter-NASH News-got off to a great start this year, thanks to Barbara Etcovitch (editor). Representing both Canadian and American concerns and issues, NASH News facilitates the networking and dissemination of information that is so vital for members, especially those who live and work in isolated areas. We hope it will help to create a sense of community, through the sharing of personal stories, committee news, updates on political and legal issues and events, and reports from homeopathic seminars and events and schools. Please contact Barbara at 613- 834-3791 if you would like to contribute to NASH News.
 A complementary copy of each issue of NASH News is sent to brother and sister organizations around the world to keep homeopathic groups abreast of our news including: The Irish Society of Homeopaths, The UK Society of Homeopaths and The New Zealand Society of Homeopaths.
Nash’s first professional conference!
 This year Robert Stewart RSHom (NA)-Chair of the Conference Committee-is organizing our first Professional Conference, which will take place in New York City (April 18-19, 1998). With Misha Norland RSHom (UK), and Louis Klein RSHom (NA) as keynote speakers, and twelve workshop events led by NASH registered members, this conference promises to be an event not to be missed. In addition, Monica Miller (legal lobbyist) will be sharing her thoughts and concerns about our future. For information about the conference call: 212-978-0002.
Legal affairs 
 This year the legal defense fund was called on to assist two members: Jackie Bordonaro in Connecticut and Susan Lavery in Georgia. NASH has provided legal support funds for both practitioners, and NASH members have been generous with their practical and moral support. Carolyn Hallett has been talking to lawyers, activists and homeopaths around the country about our legal status and wrote a brief update for the December 1997 newsletter. 

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