pilonidal sinus treatment in homeopathy

Pilonidal sinus treatment in Homeopathy

Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Homeopathy The sinus develops out of abscess in between buttocks, exactly at cleft known as Pilonidal sinus. In fact the abscess in between buttocks that arise from friction. In This case, the opening of abscess onto the skin surface, form the sinus, in other words, called Pilonidal sinus. Accumulation of excess…

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Ovarian Cysts Treatment Permanent In Homeopathy Without Surgery

Homeopathic Remedies for Ovarian Cysts or PCOD without Surgery  An ovarian cyst is nothing but a sac filled with fluid development within ovary mostly from ruptured follicles. Ovarian cysts are seen in women, in those cases where there is suppression of nasal catarrh. Most of these females are having a past history of running nose,…

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homeopathic medicine for urine retention

Homeopathic medicine for urine retention – treatment

Homeopathic medicine for urine retention – treatment: Unable to pass urine once after formation in the Kidney may call urine retention. It has many causes like various abstractions. Urine retention may due to prostate enlargement. Sometimes stricture urethra causes urine retention. In some cases, the bacterial infection causes inflammation of bladder and urethra thereby urine…

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Kidney stone Homeopathic remedies

How to pass kidney stones fast with Homeopathy?

How to pass kidney stones fast with Homeopathy?Introduction: Kidney stones or Renal calculi are consists of crystals and small amounts of proteins and glycoproteins.It has been known that familial and hereditary predisposition can cause stone formation. Most of the urinary stones originate in the kidney or a renal pelvis.Different types of stones occur in different parts of the…

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