Homeopathic Medicine Side Effects are Serious?

Side effects of Homeopathic Medicines: Homeopathy doesn’t work; it’s the first Asked Questions.Homeopathy; what’s the Homeopathic Medicine Side Effects next question?  When critics direct explanation to diplomats or controls.  Homeopathy is not strengthened by any good proof and is just a placebo. One answer is “What’s the harm?”. In other words, if the placebo effect…

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Homeopathy really works or a Pseudo Science

Homeopathy really works or a Pseudo Science?

Homeopathy really works or a Pseudo-Science? The topic of Homeopathy and Pseudo science is a Million Dollars question. For the reason, that our Homeopaths cannot show the evidence for the action of Homeopathy. At the same time, Allopathic Physicians will not leave this matter to the belief of the public. Finally, Allopathic doctors mark Homeopathy…

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