Calcarea Carbonica dosage for hypothyroidism

Calcarea Carbonica dosage for Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism caused by the deficiency in the production of thyroid hormone.Calcarea Carbonica is obviously one of the best Homeopathic Remedy used to stimulate the production of thyroid hormone.Most suitable Calcarea Carbonica dosage for hypothyroidism cures the disease completely. For hypothyroid patients, it always helps to know the symptoms of Calcarea Carbonica before…

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Nux Vomica dosage for piles treatment in Homeopathy

Piles or Hemorrhoids refer to enlarged, swollen, dilated veins in or around the anus.Many of us Confused while selecting nux vomica dosage for piles. Here this topic helps us to choose proper dosage of nux vomica for piles treatment. Nux Vomica is good for piles as a result of the congestion of the portal system.A personality prescribed…

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