Casuticum for Constipation

Causticum benefits for constipation – Dr.Bernard H views

Dr.Bernard H views on Causticum benefits for constipation: Causticum is Homeopathic medicine especially made from Potassium Hydroxide. The character of stools in the case of Causticum patients is light or white-colored. Constipated stools that are Olive-shaped, mixed with mucus and blood, and difficult to expel out. Tough and shining as if greased is most the…

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Best Homeopathy medicine for mucus in throat

Best homeopathy medicine for mucus in throat During an acute respiratory disease, a good productive cough is an indication that healing has begun. Homeopathic remedies for excessive phlegm are extremely useful in prevention and cure. The article on Homeopathic remedies for excessive phlegm dedicated to mentioning the below points. mucus clear homeopathic remedy homeopathic medicine…

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Homeopathic Research on Causticum 200c Homeopathic Medicine

How does Causticum 200 Homeopathy work? Causticum 200 is a homeopathic medicine widely used for various health conditions. Materials and Methods: We did some research and Causticum 200c with the help of temperature data logger. Our main concept is the measurement of physiological variability in temperature. The temperature variability data are taken at the rate…

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