pilonidal sinus treatment in homeopathy

Pilonidal sinus treatment in Homeopathy

Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Homeopathy The sinus develops out of abscess in between buttocks, exactly at cleft known as Pilonidal sinus. In fact the abscess in between buttocks that arise from friction. In This case, the opening of abscess onto the skin surface, form the sinus, in other words, called Pilonidal sinus. Accumulation of excess…

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Best Homeopathic medicine to dissolve gallstones without Operation

Homeopathic Treatment of Stone in Gallbladder without Operation: Introduction – Dr.Sindhuja BHMS on the best Homeopathic Medicine to dissolve Gallstones The gallbladder is a small organ especially situated on right side of the abdomen under the liver. The chief function of the gallbladder is the concentration of the bile. The change in lifestyle and food…

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