Aconite [Acon]
Peculiar sensation over whole body, as when vapors are descending upon skin suddenly in a vapor bath, and drops are felt standing upon it; constant sweat, especially in covered parts.
Agaricus [Agar]
Sweat after little exertion; when at night when sleeping.
Antimonium [Ant-c]
General sweat without smell, making the tips of fingers soft and wrinkled; sweat during sleep; general warm sweat in bed every morning.
Arsenicum [Ars]
Debilitating cold clammy sweats,sour and foetid;sweat tinging the skin and eyes yellow, NIGHT-SWEATS T THE COMMENCEMENT OF SLEEP.
Artemisia-vulgaris [Art-v]
Profuse sweat,having a PECULIAR FOETID, CADAVEROUS ODOR, resembling the odor of garlic; SWEAT RELIEVES, warm sweat all over, most on occiput.
Aurum-mur-natr [Aur-m-n]
Sweats only on right side,left hot side remains dry;profuse perspiration.
Baptisia [Bapt]
Critical sweat on forehead and face which relieves;frequent sweat from small of back all directions;foetid sweat.
Baryta-carb [Bar-c]
FOETID FOOT-SWEAT,TOES AND SOLES GET SORE; checked foot-sweat, followed by lameness, tonsillar angina, etc., sweat increased in presence of strangers; offensive sweat of one (mostly left) side; sweat increased by eating; sweat returning every other evening ; soles feel bruised at night, keeping one feet, () from sweat and after short sleep; perspiration attracts flies, the genitals relaxed and sweating; itching burning of vulva.
Cantharis [Canth]
SWEAT SMELLS LIKE URINE; sweat on genitals; cold sweat, especially on hands and feet; from every movement.
Carbo-veg [Carb-v]
Copious and frequent sweat on face and head; profuse putrid or sour sweat; exhausting night and morning-sweats; foot-sweat, excoriating toes, which are red, swollen, stinging as if frosted.
Chamomilla [Cham]
Checks the excessive sweating of women after confinement; sour sweat, with smarting sensation of skin during or after heat; sweat during sleep,mostly on head;profuse sweat without relief, especially in children.
China [Chin]
Copious, profuse oily sweat, easily excited during sleep or motion; EXHAUSTING NIGHT-SWEATS; greasy sweat on the side on which he lies; increased thirst during sweat; partial cold sweat on the face or all over body, with thirst; sweats easily, especially at night in sleep; hectic fever,with profuse debilitating night sweats.
Cimex [Cimx]
HIS OWN SWEAT IS DISGUSTING TO HIM; it smells so musty; during fever sweat relieves all other symptoms; night-sweats of haemorrhoidal patients.
Cocculus [Cocc]
Sweat of body from evening till morning with cold sweat on face; morning sweat principally on chest; sweat from slightest exertion over whole body, especially of affected parts.
Colocynthis [Coloc]
Sweat at night, smelling like urine, causing itching of skin, especially on head and extremities.
Conium [Con]
Sweat day and night, AS SOON AS ONE SLEEP, or even when closing eyes; night and morning-sweat with offensive odor and smarting in skin,or offensive odor present without the perspiration.
Crocus [Croc]
Scanty sweat at night, only on the LOWER HALF OF BODY, cold and debilitating.
Dulcamara [Dulc]
Foetid sweat, with skin disease; offensive sweat night and morning over whole body; during day ,more over back in axillae and palms; foetid sweat, with copious discharge of limpid urine; () uncovering, with or without thirst for water.
Magnesia-carb [Mag-c]
Sweat greasy, stains yellow; sour, putrid-smelling; heat,mostly forenoon, with sweat on head.
Manganum-acet [Mang]
Profuse sweat, with short, anxious breathing, night-sweats, itching often only on neck and lower limbs; every part of body extremely sore, when touched.
Mercurius [Merc]
Profuse sweat at night, towards morning with thirst and palpitations; from exertions even when eating; evening in bed before falling asleep; sour offensive or cold, clammy oily (China) and causing burning of skin; with all pains, BUT GIVING NO RELIEF; (

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