Sulphur Sulphur in case of Constipation

 Hard, knotty, dark and dry; Insufficient; Chestnut or olive-shaped; Alternation of constipation and diarrhoea.
 Before stool 
 Frequent desire with ineffectual urging; The effort at stool is so painful that the patient dreads to attempt it; Prolapse of the rectum.
 During stool 
 Straining and bloody discharge.
 After stool 
 Prolapse of the rectum; Lancinating pains from the anus upward; Stinging, sore, burning, itching, pulsating pains in the anus.
 Inability to think; Frequent hot flashes and burning on the top of the head and the soles of the feet; Craving for food, or anorexia, with aversion to meat and desire for sweets and alcoholic liquors, with the well-known 11 a.m.  aggravation. Bloated abdomen, general malaise, nausea and eructations, incarcerated flatulence; pains throughout the abdomen, with sensitiveness to the touch; various dyspeptic phenomena. Many forms of skin disease.
 Serviceable in the beginning of many cases of chronic constipation, especially when accompanied with haemorrhoids. Frequently indicated after Nux vom. or to complete a cure, in hypochondriacal or haemorrhoidal subjects. According to Hirschell Sulphur acts like Nux vom., in the constipations which are even more obstinate, when, for example, the constipation depends upon the obstruction or swelling of some organ, especially the liver, together with the engorgement of the portal circulation.
 It is also of service in the constipation of pregnant women and the new-born.
 Noack recommends Calcarea and Sulphur in alternation for chronic haemorrhoidal constipation.
 As an intercurrent remedy Sulphur acts somewhat similar to Opium, but it has a much greater value on account of the extent of its sphere of action and the numerous morbid forms to which it is adapted.
 The following observation is the authority for the “accompanying vulvar pain” of Rueckert.
 Case 54
 A woman 24 years of age, confined with her first child, now five weeks old, suffered from constipation even before her marriage. Four days before her confinement she had a stool, and a second one fourteen days after confinement; since then she has a stool about every five days. Since her delivery she has had a pain in the rima pudenda which continues to increase, especially when at stool; after each evacuation she has to rest in bed an entire day on account of the pains around the anus. The perineum was torn nearly through to the anus, but is at present almost completely cicatrized. Her general condition is good. Sulphur2 was given twice a day. At the end of four days, the evacuations were less painful, while a few days later the cure was complete. – Dr. Kasemann.
 Case 55 
 An hysterical woman was attacked with a disease of the liver, and after the cessation of the acute stage, the stools were very irregular. Having failed in the employment of several remedies, among others Sulphur in different potencies, and even in the tincture given several times a day, I gave Sulphur3. After two doses, and on the second day, a movement of the bowels took place, which was repeated daily from that time on, while the trouble in the hypo-gastric region improved in a marked manner. – Dr. Schmid.
 This observation is interesting to us, not only on account of the choice of the remedy, but especially for the choice of the dilution. We are led to believe, both from this observation and many others, that we are wrong in changing too easily our remedies. When a remedy is truly indicated, that is to say completely homoeopathic, if the first preparation administered does not succeed, it would often be better to try a lower or a higher attenuation, according to the nature of the remedy, the idiosyncrasy of the patient, or a thousand circumstances, which unfortunately in the actual state of our science can not always be exposed in a precise and definite manner.
 Case 56 
 [The first part of the stool was in small, round lumps, of a very dark green, almost black, color, the remaining part of the stool softer and larger. The stool sometimes slips back when about to escape (also Silicea). With the stool a bloody discharge, which is sometimes bright, at other times like jelly, Sulphur cm. – Raue’s Record, 1872, p. 151. ] 

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