– Anhhalonium, case four. loss of identity (J. Shah)
 Boy, 4-1/2 yo.

His mother reports he isn’t eating any food or even any milk. He has high fevers (104°F), with normal behavior. She says he is familiar with strangers, he isn’t bothered by strangers and even gets physical with strangers. He showers unusual affection on people, especially strangers. She says that he puts his fingers in the mouth of people and will also put four fingers in his mother’s mouth to fall asleep. He will do this with anybody he connects with (servants/strangers etc.) or even a dog or a flower blossom. He gets hyper-familiar with strangers and then wants to put his hand in their mouth. He gets very upset when people leave his home. He always wants to give his things away. Would willingly take his shirt off and give it to you. On the other hand, he does not show his feelings in some situations. If he is on a ride (a giant wheel) he does not show any joy or anything. Will go and live with his grandparents for days without missing his family. Crosses the road too fast without realizing he could be run over. Has no sense of danger. Always leaves things at school.
 Doesn’t want to learn his lessons. Locks himself in the bathroom and then pleads with his mother to forgive him. Doesn’t mix with other children at school -he is a loner in the playground. He is fond of wearing women’s things, jewelry, clothes etc. and says “Since you wear a sari why can’t I wear a sari?” He is dependent, doesn’t want to do anything on his own. Has to be reminded about urinating/passing a stool. Is very keen on clean toilets. Collects things in a small bag (from the street etc.)
 Has a mania for green. He is restless, bored easily, isn’t fond of any games. He sleeps with hands and legs wide apart. His developmental milestones were all normal, although he has been stammering for about one year. Emotional and affectionate according to the mother.
 Jayesh: This child has a peculiar innocence and a peculiar sort of obstinacy, the mother doesn’t know how to handle him. He has no sense of self, he communicates only with adults, he is familiar with strangers and puts things in the mouth. He is highly benevolent -he cannot differentiate between himself and others, he doesn’t know whose mouth he can put his hands in and whose he can’t; whose shirt it is he gives away. There is no sense of boundary between right and wrong, between boy and girl, between danger and no danger. These things don’t matter to him. With the fever the child is totally normal. There is a total lack of distance between himself and his surroundings. This child cannot feel himself. He has no identity -he merges himself with his surroundings. The identity is given up, the feeling of self, the identity is gone away, is given up -this is the essence of the remedy. There is a total dissolution of the being -a merging of the self with the environment/relationships. The barriers break down -everything is one. There is a total depersonalization. ‘I am everything.’
 The remedy is Anhalonium 200c (is given). 
 One month later he is much better -most symptoms are 50% better.
 After 5 months there is a big change in him. He became exactly the opposite. He would stand in front of strangers now and say ‘Why have you come here, get out,’ or, ‘When are you leaving?’ His level of study and learning have improved considerably. He has stopped leaving things in the school and become very responsible. His greed and selfishness have increased and he stopped giving things away. He is more obstinate. Driving to the clinic he insisted on sleeping in the car with his feet sticking out of the window. Some fears started coming: he went to a puppet show and was scared of the people in masks. He has moved from selfless to selfish. He stopped wanting to wear women’s clothes. From sleeping spread-eagled he sleeps on his side curled up. He is a good eater now but a very fussy, choosy, eater -food has to be deliciously prepared, and he wants delicacies, etc. The obsession with green is still there. He still has no fear of injuring himself (of danger on the road). Now he is rebellious. He will do the opposite of what you say. If he is asked to do something he won’t do it now. His mother says he is always creating problems. He wants what his sister has and grabs it -he picks fights with her. He has changed and says things like ‘Let’s go to the market and buy a new mummy.’ School reports have changed drastically -he wants to learn now, to read. This child has a strong feeling of himself now. A remedy has two polarities. A state has two polarities. Why is this woman getting all this from her child? Why does an Anhalonium state develop? In what kind of situation will an Anhalonium patient need to survive? In a place when people only think about themselves, where everything is compartmentalized. Where the boredom of the routine goes on and on. There is so much self that the mind is occupied always with material possessions. Where you lose contact and communication and touch and everything with everybody around you. This kind of isolation, where everything that is in your consciousness is yours. There are times in history when this has happened. The hippie movement for example -the time when the drug movement started. To escape a desperate situation where the only way you can get out is to merge yourself with the environment. Hindu philosophy is like that: meditate -meditate to merge with the oneness of the universe. There is a heightened sense of feeling, especially of the body. Even the physical body. There is an over-indulgence in the beauty of the physical world. It is all artificial, material.
 At this point in the case, because of the sticking the feet out of the window I wondered if a Sulphur state (or Medhorrhinum) was developing. Rx: Sulphur 6x, one dose
 Gradually he swung back into a centered, more balanced, position. Maybe the Sulphur helped, maybe it would have happened anyway. 

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