A Homeopathic Day Carried by Stramonium Storm – Stramonium Homeopathy Remedy Case Presentation-Dr. Mirjana Zivanov.

Datura_stramonium Dr. Mirjana Zivanov: A Homeopathic Day Carried by Stramonium Storm
Datura Stramonium

There were three patients with Stramonium Personality, who came in that day, and all three were prescribed the same Stramonium Homeopathy  Remedy. They had already had their Simillimums for some time, but completely new themes, themes from their past, appeared in all three of them that day.

It was New Moon of a cold, windy, November day. The first sleet of the autumn. The streets were bustling with activity. There was a noise coming from car horns honking in the busy traffic, adding to an overwhelming agitation that permeated the city. It felt as if there were no windows in the clinic as if we were sitting on a busy street pavement.

Whilet there was a loud buzz of roaring and thundering sounds of cars speeding by. Street dirt and fallen leaves, with an occasional plastic bag from a nearby dustbin, were flying round. Hence carried by gusts of whirling wind. There was some growing unease hanging in the air, with an ominous threatening feeling as if something bad was about to happen. It was dusk. Dark, purple clouds pregnant with snow were obscuring the sun that was falling behind a tall, concrete building. Dark shadows were growing and the world was painted over in coffee shades, like in a strip cartoon.

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The first Stramonium Homeopathy patient is a woman, a doctor of classical medicine, who has found relief with us through homeopathic Simillimum treatment. Her Simillimum is Ferrum metallicum, a remedy of Psoric miasm. For some time, she had been coming in for regular follow-ups with symptoms. Probably which were nothing more than the symptoms of old uncured diseases. Thus, her Simillimum was simply repeated or observation continued.

However, this time when she entered the office. She was completely different. As if something HEAVY, huge and dark was rolling towards us.Rather some awful, horrifying energy with a prevailing feeling of HEAVINESS. Sad, with TERROR on her face. Her priest (spiritual guide) had died and she attended his funeral. She told us that he had always been there for her at times of life crises. Since he had been with her when her brother had suddenly died a violent death, that she could not imagine her life without him.

Patients Narration about her Stramonium Personality:

She told us gravely that she would go to him as soon as something bad had happened (clinging, the keyword for Stramonium Homeopathy). These had been very HARD life situations she had found herself in, as well as her mother and father. Hence He would comfort her, offered her a shoulder to cry on.  “He would just keep quiet, cried with us, but he was with us. This guy was particularly good to his mom, who had a very HARD time because she had lost her son.

He would make it EASIER for us to hold on to it all. He was my light at the end of the tunnel (this expression is also usually associated to Stramonium)! I felt alone in a foreign country, you don’t know anyone! Lost, you don’t know where to go… Very HARD and frightening.” She was a foreigner in our country. She had come here to study.

We prescribed her the remedy Stramonium 1M.

Considering the fact that it was Ferrum metallicum (Primes  HEAVINESS-LIGHTNESS or HARD-EASY), a Psoric miasm remedy,  the Stramonium condition was felt as a huge, slow, heavy, dark roller ceaselessly coming our way.

It is notable that the patient felt well when her spiritual guide was with her, while she could not imagine her life without him and that she was clinging to him.

Therefore on the next follow-up, she said that the day after the remedy she had three copious stools. She had the first good night sleep since the death of her spiritual guide, and she wasn’t so sad anymore.
She was becoming her usual self, as she started to talk about her everyday HARDSHIPS, her mother’s illness and how everything comes down to her. So, we repeated her soul remedy – Simillimum, Ferrum metallicum.*


After her, the next stramonium personality patient came in. It was a girl, our regular patient. We had cured her hair loss, but, after vaccination, she started to lose her hair again…

She was talking about her dreams that she did not have before. In her dreams, she is fighting with a murderer, wrestling with him, taking a knife and trying to stab him. She is running away from him, and describes the TERROR she feels. She tells us that she is running away and looking for someone to RESCUE her. Her mother adds that the girl is very ANXIOUS and always twitches in TERROR when someone enters her room. She doesn’t like to be alone.

Then she describes an event when she was in the woods and got very frightened, so she ran in TERROR until she came back to her parents, to the meadow where they were picnicking. By the way, she is also very frightened of one of her teachers – she is so frightened that she doesn’t go to her classes at all.

We gave her Stramonium 1M.

Analysis on Stramonium personality in this case:

The girl’s Simillimum is Argentum nitricum (Primes PEACE-ANXIETY),  Sycotic miasm. The Stramonium personality state was felt in her case as a strong sensation of ANXIETY, one of the opposites in her Primes. She has to run fast and seeks for RESCUE in hands of her mom and dad, where she will find her PEACE, the other opposite of her Primes. The word “very” was reiterated, which indicates the intensity of the girl’s fear, and Stramomium fear is among the most intense. The attempt to stab with the knife in self-defense belongs to the Sphere of Affective Aggression. After that, she runs away, which leads us to the Sphere Passion & Panic.
On the next follow-up, the girl said that she doesn’t have nightmares anymore. Her mother said that she had more self-confidence, more courage.*


The third stramonium personality patient is a young man from Belgrade. His Simillimum is Magnesium phosphoricum. He had been feeling well on homeopathic therapy for quite a long time, but that day, felt intense ANGER, and also relates to us that he flew into an intense dark rage.

The man told his mother to fuck off over the phone and therefore told her to leave him alone, although she had only called to see how he was and what he was doing. Younng man said that while driving, he had suddenly got out of the car, with an urge to start a fistfight with some bloke, to make him eat dust, to draw his blood, but surprisingly enough, he had been completely PEACEFUL at home.

The cold dark rage did not appear there, he was calm with his wife and the little daughter. He surprised at his behavior with his mother and the man in the street. Before homeopathic treatment, he used to be ANGRY everywhere and at everyone, especially at home, where he could neither find his PEACE nor spend time playing with his daughter.

He surprised at the fact that this time the ANGER appeared outside his home and he found its exceptional intensity and a desire to kill someone strange. He says: “Normally, my ANGER is not like that. I tend to be nervous, irritable, a place won’t keep me, but not of this intensity, with a desire to attack and kill someone without any special reason.”

We gave him Stramonium 1M.

Analysis of Stramonium Homeopathy state in this young man’s case:

Magnesium phosphoricum (Primes ANGER-PEACE) is a Syphilitic miasm remedy. Sinking into Stramonium Personality state appeared in our patient as intense, destructive ANGER – rage, with a desire to kill someone. Considering the fact that Magnesium phosphoricum,  in the role of a perpetrator, in his case the sinking into the Stramonium Homeopathy state,  manifested in the one opposite of his Primes and have almost led to a violent crime carried by the energy of the strong poison Stramonium.  At home, everything  “white”, while he consumed by dark rage outside, where the perpetrator role of the Syphilitic miasm Magnesium phosphoricum remedy,  triggered. He clearly depicted his fearsome energy, sowing fear around.

On the next follow-up the patient said, after the remedy, he consumed by ANGER in dark rage anymore. He also said that when he is thinking about what was happening these last few days. Hence he scared of himself.Because something happens again. Consequently, he needs to ask someone to tie him up. We can see how the patient’s awareness of his own deeds, and his responsibility for others, has grown. Also, we can see how in Stramonium personality state one of his opposites, ANGER, goes to rage, as the ANGER intensifies.*


In conclusion, it is noteworthy that all three patients fell into the Stramonium Homeopathy state that day, due to the fact that it was New Moon, a gloomy, cold, windy November day. Moreover, the words that describe it are strong, intense, sudden, terror, kill. It took to the maximum the “negative” polarity of each person’s Primes and draw out the worst things they carried deep inside, leaving them without a possibility to fight it consciously, due to its intensity.
Ferrum metallicum, a Psoric miasm remedy, in a savior role, bore an even stronger feeling of HEAVINESS – Sphere MELANCHOLY/SADNESS, and a need to protect the family on Stramonium.

Most noteworthy Argentum nitricum, a Sycotic miasm remedy, in a victim role, experienced a strong feeling of fear leading to great ANXIETY in the Stramonium Homeopathy state, with an urge to run away in panic (Sphere PASSION/PANIC) and find PEACE in her parents’ arms.

Therefore Magnesium phosphoricum , a Syphilitic miasm remedy, in a perpetrator role, felt an intense ANGER with a desire to kill, to commit a crime, to draw someone’s blood – Sphere OFFENSIVE AGGRESSION, in the Stramonium Homeopathy state!

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As a result, we can see how different remedies of different miasms reacted in the Stramonium Homeopathy states. What they all had in common was the feeling of the very high intensity of HEAVINESS, ANXIETY or ANGER. Moreover, Stramonium brought their negative polarities to their maximum, to a total loss of one’s mind, in order to surface, empty, cleanse… The dark color that accompanied Stramonium draw to the surface everything dark, buried deep inside our patients, to cleanse under the intensity of the cold wind of that November evening.

TetractysofSTRAMeffect Dr. Mirjana Zivanov: A Homeopathic Day Carried by Stramonium Storm*

Due to the new day came bright and fresh. There was no more wind, and the air was cool and clean. The dark shadows of concrete buildings had disappeared. White-yellow light of the sun’s rays invited optimism, hope, and joy of a new day. While the Children’s laughter was ringing down the street, and a flock of white pigeons was feasting on the stale bread an elderly neighbor had left at our dustbin.

What remained in our memory were the words TERROR and RESCUE, and the feelings of intensity and suddenness.

The clinic overwhelmed with the feelings of peace and tranquillity. Then a patient knocked on the door, as a result, our new homeopathic day started…


About Dr. Mirjana Zivanov:

DrMirjanaZivanov Dr. Mirjana Zivanov: A Homeopathic Day Carried by Stramonium Storm
Dr. Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov DDS, Registered Homeopath, graduated from
Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and
London International College of Homeopathy.

In addition, Dr. Mirjana has 12 years of everyday clinical practice in Classical Homeopathy, at a Homeopathic clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Dr. Mirjana is the author of the books: “Homeopathy in Practice”, “Homeopathic medicine – Principles”. “Homeopathic medicine – Invisible Influences”. “Matrix method with Tetractys model”.”Opening the Secret Door with Matrix”. Also many published articles in International Homeopathic magazines and websites.

Furthermore, Dr. Mirjana is the creator of the new “Matrix theory” in Homeopathy. She presented her Matrix theory on International Homeopathic seminar London 2015. and on International Homeopathic seminar London 2016.

She is the International Vice-president of Youth Homeopathic Association.
More information available on www.homeopatskamedicina.rs and Dr. Mirjana may be contacted at dr.mirjana.zivanov@gmail.com

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