spondalosis Spondylosis: Our spine is made up of a number of bones known as vertebrae. Between two consecutive vertebrae is present a cushion like substance-what we call intervertebral disc. After the age of 20-25 years some changes start occuring in the spine eg. some tiny growth on the vertebrae, increase or decrease in the vertebral disc space, protrusion of the disc etc. These changes may or may not cause any symptoms. But when they cause symptoms like pain, tingling, numbness, stiffness, slipped disc the illness is called spondylosis. Spondylosis can occur anywhere along the spine but common sites are neck (cervical spondylosis) & lower back(lumbar spondylosis). The symptoms occur mainly because the changes that take place in the spine may cause compression of nerves. Symptoms are mainly seen in people with faulty postures, people with long hours at the desk or also due to stress.Homeopathy cures the symptoms without any side-effects or damage. Along with homeopathy hot fomentation, shory-wave diathermy & traction done by a physiotherapist could be very helpful.
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  1. Is any of the studies published in a recognized peer-reviewed journal?

  2. There are many more clinical studies citing spondylosis can be cured by homeopathy conducted at CCRH,India Research centres.

    In my personel experience I have cured cases of spondylosis.

  3. So you say it's a mystery?

    Can you cite any scientific studies that back up your claim that "spondylosis Homeopathic medicines prevents degeneration of bony tissue, there by prevents further development of symptoms."?

  4. Exactly how homeopathy works is a great mistery.

    but according to theory, homeopathy medicines produce similar symptoms like in disease. It is observed in many cases relieves the disease symptoms permanantely.

    In case of spondylosis Homeopathic medicines prevents degeneration of bony tissue, there by prevents further development of symptoms.

    My blog on research explains how homeopathic medicines acts http://homeoresearch.co.cc

  5. So exactly how does homeopathy this? I can't see how.

    Please explain how.

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