Homeopathic Treatment for Somnambulism or Night Walking by BOUKO LEVY M. from Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory

Night talking Homeopathy

Introduction for Night Walking:

Walking and talking during sleep are very frequent symptoms, especially in children and adolescents.
 Most of the time the patient is not disturbed by their particular habit, but the people around them certainly are.

The homeopath gathers the general and mental symptoms and associates them to the local diseases to determine the remedy of the patient, which will contain their personal image. (See : since).
 Use a nervous system drainage in low potencies, besides the classical background remedies in high potencies from 9C to 10 M.

 Homeopathic Remedies for Night Walking

 —  anxious dreams with restlessness; sudden anxiety in chest :
 • one dose, as needed : ACONITUM 30C
 —  delusions, thinks he is possessed by 2 people or wills :
 • one dose, as needed : ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE 30C
 —  delirium, busy with business and what he has read :
 • one dose, as needed : BRYONIA 30C
 —  dreams of fire and sex; short naps and frequent waking :
 • one dose, as needed : PHOSPHORUS 30C
 —  awakes in a fright and feels as if suffocating :
 • one dose, as needed : SPONGIA 30C
 —  night terrors, screaming with fright during sleep :
 • one dose, as needed : STRAMONIUM 30C

 Homeopathic Remedies for Talking in Sleep:

 —  crying; sreaming; fighting; sees monsters; muscle spasms :
 • one dose, as needed : BELLADONNA 30C
 —  starts up frightened; talkative, foolish and obscen; jealous :
 • one dose, as needed : HYOSCYAMUS 30C
 —  melancholy; night terrors; grinding teeth; restless sleep :
 • one dose, as needed : KALIUM BROMATUM 30C
 —  very talkative during sleep, full of fears and imaginations :
 • one dose, as needed : KALIUM CARBONICUM 30C
 —  nervous jerks during sleep; dreams of robbers; palpitations :
 • one dose, as needed : NATRUM MURIATICUM 30C
 —  talking delirium; sees cats, dogs, and black forms; agg. by heat :
 • one dose, as needed : OPIUM 30C
 —  weeping during sleep; periodical aggravation, during menses :
 • one dose, as needed : SEPIA 30C
 —  frequent starts in sleep; anxious dreams; head sweat at night :
 • one dose, as needed : SILICEA 30C
 —  talks, jerks and twitches during sleep; wakes up singing :
 • one dose, as needed : SULFUR FLAVUM 30C
 See : anger, anorexia, anxiety, appetite, aversion, bulimia, capricious, delusions, depression, desire, dreams, emotional, excitement, faintness, fatigue, fears, insomnia, jealousy, memory, nervousness, noises, odors, parasitism, restlessness, sexual desire, sighing, since, sweat, tetany, thirst, timidity, trauma, urination, weeping, yawning.

M.L.Tyler says about Night Walking:

Bryonia Is claimed to be a Homeopathic remedy for walking in sleep-somnambulism.

Silicea is Homeopathic Remedy for Sleepless from ebullitions, orgasm of blood. Night sweats Somnambulism: esp at new and full moon.

Natrum muriaticum is Homeopathy Medicine for Delaying and decreasing menses with somnambulism. debility, excessive thirst, great inclination to weep. Somnambulism along with much mucus in the urine, aversion to bread, all symptoms relieved as soon as she gets into a perspiration. Natrum Mur Patients are hunted with thoughts that something unpleasant will happen.

Phosphorus is Homeopathic Medicine useful in SOFTENING OF BRAIN, with persistent headache; slow in replies irritable weakness and somnambulism. These people has great fear and anxiety, especially towards evening , with frightful delusions and hallucinations.Increased especially hearing and smell, followed by prostration, disgust of life and repugnance to the world. Night walking with great irritability of mind and tendency to be easily startled. Talking in sleep and changeable humor, spasmodic laughter and weeping. Phosphorus is also useful in  SATYRIASIS AND NYMPHOMANIA IN OLD PEOPLE, WITH INSANE SHAMELESSNESS. These people expose themselves and want to go naked; delirious fancies about his own person with mania and tuberculosis.

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