sickheadache A financier of 42,male suffering from Deathly nausea,sick headache,severe thirst,vertigo indicated Tabaccum

-Dr.Devendra Kumar Mutna MD(Homeo
A financier of 42/male suffering from a kind of dull headache, severe thirst for water,nausea vomiting some times, but continuous nausea and sick headache. In the initial days tried many Homeopathic remedies. Symptoms are little bit relieved but never satisfied. Mean while patient approached allopathic physician as he dissatisfied by Homeopathic treatment. Allopath used medicines like anxiety reliever,pain killer for headache, nausea reliever. Even though patient not satisfied by this temporary relief. Patient consultalting the allopath frequently with his suffering and anxiety about health. Allopathic physician (MD General medicine) vexed with this patient and referred the case to Psychiatry Specialist. Patient was reluctant to go for psychiatry consultation and again came for Homeopathic treatment. Finally TABACCUM 200c 4 pills relieved the symptoms of patient almost. Deathly nausea,sick headache,severe thirst,vertigo indicated the Tabaccum.He is satisfied very much with Tabaccum 200c like never before.
Work Sheet:

10th june 2011
vertigo, occiput pain,
23rd june 2011
nausea, vomiting, heat body,
18th july 2011
pain in head temples, occiput
1st august 2011
headache relieved
19th august 2011
relieved slight
22nd august 2011
symptoms repeated
24th august 2011
started again
phos 200c
5th sep 2011
relieved slight
21st sep 2011
headache relieved
7th oct 2011
vomiting, thirst, no thirst
21st oct 2011
not relieved
7th nov 2011
no app, easy satiety
29th nov 2011
mucus throat
16th dec 2011
relieved slight
21st dec 2011
cough, cold
6th jan 2012
vertigo, raising bed from, turning
head right
21st jan 2012
gas, syms reld slight
4th feb 2012
pain in head reld
22nd feb 2012
pain in head reld, crawling head
8th march 2012
voming not relied
23rd march 2012
weakness, low bp
9th april 2012
vomiting, thirst, drawing 90/60mmhg
24th april 2012
relieved slight
14th may 2012
weakness hunger from, head trembling
31st may 2012
weakness, low bp, headache 90/60
16th june 2012
90/60, weakness reld
26th june 2012
heada moving sensation
4th july 2012
mouth burning
4th august 2012
pain neck, thirst, vomiting
aa 200c
24th august 2012
headaache, vertigo,
aa 1m
7th sep 2012
back pain, legs pain,
sl 200c
27th sep 2012
started again, dim vision
6th oct 2012
throat pain,  red mouth, head pain,
bell 200c
13th oct 2012
no sleep, burning tongue
bry 200c
3rd nov 2012
headache relieved, dim vision, leg
pain , back pain
rt 200c
8th dec 2012
headache over exertion of mind
bell 200c
2nd jan 2013
pain legs,headache eating after
nv 200c
18th jan 2013
pain legs, gas,
cv 200c
4th feb 2013
pain cervical, nausea, vomiting
nm 1m
8th feb 2013
nausea, thirst unquenchable
bry 1m
13th feb 2013
vertigo relieved
sl 200c
22nd feb 2013
neck pain, headache
sl 200c
6th march 2013
unquenchable thirst, pains
phos 1m
22nd march 2013
relieved 50%, pain legs
sl 200c
29th march 2013
increased again
lac def 200c
8th april 2013
started again after relief
22nd april 2013
relieved vomiting thirst
8th may 2013
china 200c
11th sep 2013
pain neck, vomiting,
lac can 200c
26th sep 2013
no app,dist abd,
sl 200c
8th oct 2013
vomiting, eating, flatus
bry 1m
25 November 2013
burning tongue
saclac 200c
23 December 2013
no sleep night,thirst large
thyroid 200c
27 December 2013
vertigo,vomiting ame
tabaccum 200c
06 January 2014
relieve most, but gas,headache,
satisfied most
saclac 200c
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