Sepia for PCOS

Sepia for PCOS treatment in Homeopathy:

PCOS refers to the polycystic ovarian syndrome. In fact, it is the cause of various hormone imbalances. PCOS can cause infertility, obesity, unwanted hair growth, and even cancer in some cases. The Homeopathic sepia works excellent for PCOD cure. A single dose of Sepia can cure the PCOD permanently. In addition, sepia will not cause any side effects while using for PCOS.

Sepia for PCOS

How sepia for PCOD benefits?

To use sepia for PCOD, it needs to fulfill certain indications most specific to it. Let us see the indication of sepia for PCOD.

  1. In fact, excitable, sensitive women with PCOS require sepia to cure ovarian cysts in Homeopathy.
  2. Close-up women, become introverted, averse to the company are other indications of sepia for PCOD treatment.
  3. Sepia women with PCOS are especially indifferent to loved ones.
  4. Aversion sex, hormonal changes, inability to have orgasm and frigidity, chiefly guide us to use Sepia for PCOD.
  5. On the other hand, severe leucorrhea, even in little teenage girls calls for sepia to treat ovarian cysts.
  6. Ovarian cysts with a sensation of prolapse of the uterus, bearing-down relief on sitting with crossed certainly indicated sepia.
  7. Sepia is an excellent remedy in homeopathy for the treatment of infertility and habitual abortions from third to the fifth month with ovarian cysts.
  8. Premenstrual syndrome, menses scanty, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea are important symptoms of sepia women, as a result of, PCOS.
  9. Another key point often overlooked to use sepia is Nausea and vomiting with large Ovarian cysts.

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What is the best dosage of Sepia for PCOS?

The selection of dosage is a difficult task. However, sepia benefits in 30c, 200c, and 1m potencies for PCOD treatment. 30c is the least potency to start the PCOD treatment with sepia. On the other hand, gradually shift to 200c potency if 30c seize to work. Sepia 1m is high potency to end the treatment. Two pills of sepia, single-dose, are enough to cure the PCOS case if symptoms match. However, the dosage and potency must confirm with your Homeopathic doctor.


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