Anhalonium dream proving 
 Conducted by jonathan shore, with students. 
 Finland 1993 
 (underlined as confirmed in nancy herrick’s proving) 

– Anhalonium, case two : between two worlds (G. Inez)

anhelonium Schizophre  - Anhalonium lewinii  Case - Part III - the follow-up

On March 21, 1994, Juan received Anhalonium IM. By his own admission, over the next six months he did remarkably well in every way. He required the remedy one more time early on in his treatment -he had apparently been antidoted in a eucalyptus oil steam bath.
 I conducted monthly follow-ups with Juan. The precarious emotional state he presented in his first interview led me to want to see him regularly. During each subsequent visit, Juan became more integrated, focused and self-confident. “I want to walk in a high self-vision, continually opening up inside myself,” he told me in an early follow-up. “I’m doing very good… The grieving state has shifted.” He said he had gained “creativity, freedom, enthusiasm and confidence by letting go of [my] wife… This is who I am, but I had tried so hard to make it work [with my wife].”
 By his third follow-up on June 23, 1994, Juan was a changed man. “I’ve taken a new job, it’s really exciting and I ended the old job really well.” He explained he would be working for a major banking institution on a multi-national project, and that he might be working in New York City, and eventually training people around the world. His recovery program with AA was going along well and he had a good sponsor in the program. The “divorce business” was handled, and now he felt new freedom and self-confidence -his options were opening up. (He still felt some grief and sadness, he said). He felt sexually frustrated. He had had no relations with a woman for seven or eight months, and felt the age-old conflict and guilt that he grew up with regarding his sexuality. His motivation for work was very high at his new job. “I’ve been able to take risks…I’m not racked with a whole lot of fear. I feel a centeredness still, I can’t tell why.” (!) Now, his local community support system and old job were “stripped away” by his own choice: “I’m okay, it’s incredible! I’m less of a local citizen (he was living in temporary quarters, in transition), but I’m more of a global citizen. “He was able to flow with all the change in his life and work schedule. “I’m consciously choosing to jump into the tornado.”
 “I’m honing my telepathic skills,” Juan told me. He sought advice from a spiritual counselor in order to better understand, and channel his vast talents of ‘seeing’.
 “I feel very challenged by mental activity. I love being around cerebral intelligence – the field of play is much higher… I now know how to find center and comfort…Things are getting simplified, I am [able to chose to be] focused… At work, I can witness the “head trips” [power plays], and no longer be aggressively involved in the melée.”
 Now, he explained, he was very relaxed with his parents and their comments. Before he was tremendously uncomfortable and could not spend time with them.
 “There’s a spiritual level of consciousness waking up inside of me. It’s scary -I see such a vast potential with mind and spirit. I’m being introduced to whole other dimensions of being… My flashes of franticness and nervousness are short, more intense than before, but they’re over more quickly. I still get nervous with new clients at work. I thought I couldn’t do anything, now I have confidence in my abilities.”
 “My brain is starting to wake up again. I [had] jumped into my brain and hid in it -now as fear leaves me, the juices have started to flow.”
 At first, for several weeks after receiving Anhalonium, Juan would wake “locked in the plane of dream state,” which was “terror” for him, and he would have “highly visual dreams” of his wife with someone else, or of her leaving Juan. He would “sob like a baby,” as he awoke from this tortured state. As he dreamed less of his wife, these were replaced by strong and intense sexual dreams. He was remembering his dreams more, but by the third follow-up, he had “blanked out” about them. “I used to have vivid dreams, and I remembered them quite well, [all through adolescence, and childhood]. Now Juan’s sleep was markedly improved and he woke rested.
 Throughout his follow-ups, Juan explained that since taking Anhalonium, he would “blank out for 5-10 seconds, like time stops, (seizure disorder?)… I did this when I was younger. I go somewhere when this happens. I go off on another plane, I don’t hear; all time stops.” (He explained his father also experienced these.) But recently the ‘blanks ‘ happened less frequently, and his concentration had “gotten deeper.”
 Juan was now exercising fairly regularly, jogging and “working out”. His acne on his back improved, and just about disappeared after worsening somewhat for a few weeks. His heart pains had worsened shortly after the remedy was given, and those led him to seek the counsel of an M.D.  No diagnosable condition was found. Recently, he felt a tightness in his chest at times, but this was not “deep-rooted” and didn’t “throw him off center… The emotional emptiness in my abdomen is easier to get out of now. Little fears can catalyze this [sensation].”
 Juan’s nervousness had greatly resolved. His strained laughter, blinking, and pleading questions all but disappeared. On his first interview, Juan wore a loud psychedelic shirt. It was neon orange and green stripes, with a dancing pattern of shapes in-between. In a later interview, Juan wore a finely tailored three-piece charcoal grey suit. Evidently he had made a transition… between two worlds.
 Juan, true to his “laser-like” nature, moved quickly onto other remedies. Six months after his first dose of Anhalonium, he receive Mercurius Vivus, then Medorhinum. He has come in for a gentle landing of sorts, most recently requiring the ever-useful mineral polycrest, Calcarea Phosphorica, in a 30 C potency. 

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