-Dr.Devendra Kumar Mutna MD(Homeo),
This is  a case of online patient from USA. Female 28,Indian Race,Resident of USA suffering from joint pains. Case responded well to Calcarea Carb 200c Just 4 pills. Medorrhinum 200c 4 pills relieved her pains mostly. Case details and treatment history are as follows.

Hello sir,

rheumatoidarthritisfemale Rheumatoid Arthritis Female 28 from USA

I got small joint pains since 2 yrs and i can find redness and swelling around the joint. Hairfall is severe and periods are irregular.Height 5-3”and weight 62.Used low dose steroids and analgesics.Got hyperthyroidism since 3 yrs and using 75 mcg dose.Since 2 yrs sinusitis is there and used homeopathy but no much relief.

Mrs….. Do you can write more information on your suffering, let me since how long, any other associated complaints, all of your general health, appetite,thirst, stool,sweat, urine, response to hot and cold whether etc.

I sent some medicines to you, I will let you know which one you have to use from the medicines sent.

my thirst,appetite,sleep were ok.stool was also normal.But i use to have urine infection and renal stones.I used medicines here and since 1yr i’m free .For cold weather i’ll get itchy skin and for hot i feel feet and palm burning and very tired.Now a days i’m gettin lot of angry for small things even though they are very silly.I’ll get very little sweat.

Mrs…..I sent medicine packed and handover to you father, which will posted on Monday, medicine contains,
3 small bottles (1/2 dram)- cc,lyco,sul,
4 little big bottles(1dram)-
1 small pocket contains 4 pills,
let me know once they arrived i will instruct you the way how to use.
Feel free to write for further advice.
Dr.Devendra Kumar MD(Homeo)

Hello sir,
I got the medicine parcel today.so let me know how to use and what all foods i shouldn’t take.

I forgot to mention last time i’m getting itching of my legs,mostly my thighs and calf.I’m not getting any rash but of little redness.I felt it might relate with my arthritis or thyroid.It’s been since 4-5yrs.


Mrs…..let me know what are contents you received, means how may pockets and bottles.

Hello sir,
i got 3 small bottles[sul,lyco,cc] and 4 big bottles and a small pack with little med[1 dose].so let me know how to use.


Mrs…..Now I suggest you to take small pocket, with little medicine(4 pills of CALCAREA CARB), (take all the medicine inside,)

then start to take medicine from 4 bottles,(all are same medicine, start to take from one bottle, morning 6 pills and evening 6 pills), medicine will last for 2 months, each bottle for 15 days.

bottle named sul,lyco,cc, are reserved bottles. don’t take them now. I will tell you whenever needed,

keep update of your symptoms after 10 days.I will suggest accordingly. Feel free to write for further advice.

feeling good and I got my finger pain twice after starting the medicine,but of little pain.
But the itching is same.I’m still using the medicine.


Mrs…..Continue the medicine as usual and report the status for every 10 days.

ok sir.


Hello sir,
Sorry ,its been a long time for me to give a reply…
every thing is good except my hair fall.Got relief from pains littlebit.
what about the remaining medicines….?


Mrs….. no need to worry continue the medicine as usual , hair fall will also come down slowly, take more fresh fruits.

“3 small bottles (1/2 dram)- cc,lyco,sul, “

You must not use these bottles until I suggest.

Do you have regular medicine to use with you? (4 bottles of medicine)

Hello sir,
Sorry for the delay…I was lil busy with my kids schools..
My medicines got over and they worked well.I wanna continue those medicines.So plz send my next dose.But some times i’m getting swelling and pain of fingers.

So this time I may need lil extra or different dose.But u prescribe whatever is good..Hoping my next med soon..


Mrs…..nice to know medicine is working fine, Please inform your father to collect medicine.

Hello sir
I got the medicines
I took the small pack and let me know how to use it

Mrs….. use small bottles one after another, morning 6 and evening 6 pills.

Hello sir,
small bottles means this time bottles or last time u sent small bottles…that one.Plz can u make it clear.

Mrs….. bottles that are sent recently, sorry for inconvenience and delay in reply.

Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)

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  1. Dear doctor it is given CALCAREA CARB 200c(CC) just 4 pills followed by MEDORRHINUM 200c 4 pills after 10 days of cc.for daily use repeated sl.,
    sul.cc.lyco are sulphur,calcarea carb,lycopodium in 200c potency which are not repeated but kept in reserve for future use.

  2. der dr Devendra thank you for sending the homeopathic letters about ur experiences
    dear dr I have a question about ur patient 28 year old lady USA with Reuma artritis
    can you pls tell the treatemnt and thier doses and also what did you mean by cc
    becose i ddnt understand the 4 botlles what s its name first you start with calcarea car 200
    maybe one dose / does patients needs to repeat it or enough one
    then the 4 botlles what did their name the 6pills m and eevening
    and you told her to inform you before using lycopodium and cc and sulfur
    what doses they have i think its a normal low potency /?
    thank you dr Divendra for every thing sincerly dr ghassan zeineddine lebanon

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