Interpretation of Data logger Readings while Selecting Homeopathic Medicine. Time to Use Placebo and Remedy? by Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)

Every time when patient approach, The Homeopathic physician try to select matching remedy for the patient constitution in course of treatment for his chronic disease. But most experienced physicians will not apply Homeopathic Remedy until unless it is indicated. Until then he gives him Placebo. Expert Homeopath  apply Similimum only when indicated strong.
Our new system of Medicine selection supports this view of giving placebo when remedy not indicated. Patient approached you with great pains, he explains you thousand symptoms but you are confused whether these symptoms are real or psychogenic. Don’t worry there is an approach to know whether patient really have suffering.
Below are some example graphs: This graph shows patient vital phenomenon is in order and it is able fight with disorder itself.

If remedies all are on positive side and maintaining high co relation with patient variability, it is the indication for patient vitality is in order. we should not  give him remedy at this point. He needs placebo in this case.
Most of the patient give similar graph. 

Below is the Patient Variability graph where He really needs Remedy:

Look at the distribution of remedies on to positive and negative correlation sides. This indicates patient’s vitality is so disturbed and needs remedy. The remedies in the first graph are arranged in a sequence but second graph shows arrangement of remedies in random. This is this is the real disturbed variability. Patient needs remedy. The remedy with high co relation coefficient to the patient variability is his remedy. in the above case syphiilinum is the indicated remedy.
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