Pulsatilla_pratensis Pulsatilla pratensis in Constipation

 Large and hard; Difficult stool although soft; Alternation of hard and soft stools.
 Before stool 
 Ineffectual desire (during the menses); Inactivity of the intestines.
 During stool 
 Difficult expulsion with painful urging and backache.
 Blonde persons with lymphatic temperament and a mild and peaceful disposition; or mild, cold, and phlegmatic; or taciturn or morose with aversion to talking. Bilious and bitter taste in the mouth; excess of mucus in the mouth; burning in the larynx. Nausea and sour eructations. Drawing tension in the abdomen; pinching in the abdomen; collection of gas. During the menses, pressive pain from above downward into the pelvis and sacrum, with tendency of the lower limbs to become numb, while seated. Livid countenance, debility and chilliness with great fatigue. Disposition to catarrhs of the mucous membranes. Aggravations from the use of fatty aliments rancid butter cakes, or after intermittent fever suppressed by Quinine.
 Espanet says : Pulsatilla occupies a secondary but excellent rank in irritations of the digestive tract with constipation, the result of excess in drinking, and the abuse of the pleasures of the senses.
 Suitable to the same conditions as Nux vom., but in those who are of a mild disposition; in women, when they complain of chilliness.
 In chronic constipation, Pulsatilla acts in a certain sense analogous to Sepia, especially in rheumatic subjects.
 Paul Landry advises Pulsatilla for those women whose menstrual functions become irregular on account of constipation (Sepia in analogous circumstances).
 Kallenbach has only obtained permanent effects from this drug in the lower dilutions. 

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