Pulsatilla 1m for warts in a Girl

Pulsatilla 1m for warts in a Girl – Case study

A 19 yrs old girl came to my clinic on 12 October 2013, along with her mother complaining of warts on the head and Right knee joint for 2-3 yrs. earlier it was not growing but for 6 months, it is growing rapidly. A wart is on the right frontal region, which she used to cover with her hairs, now it is showing on the head clearly. Apart from warts, she does not have any problem physically. A single dose of Pulsatilla 1m was used in this case, for my surprise warts disappeared completely within one month.

Pulsatilla 1m for warts in a Girl

Past history and physical generals of the girl where Pulsatilla prescribed for warts on knee:

In the past, she suffered from measles and mumps when she was 5 yrs old. Her father expired with a heart attack in the year 2005. She is lean and small in build. Her appetite is good, she desires more sour foods. Moreover dislikes milk and cabbage and she is mixed in her diet prefers meat more. Her thirst is not much; hardly has she drunk 2-3 glasses in a day. Bowels are normal and thermally she is intolerant to hot weather and feels better in cold and clear weather. Sleep is disturbed with thoughts and she sleeps late at the night. Dreams are nothing particular. Her menses are regular, painful for 2-3 days, dark bleeding, and get irritated and emotionally sensitive at that time. She cries more and gets anger more during that time. She feels neglected at that time.

Family History of the girl with warts on knee joint:

She is doing her engineering in Hyderabad. Her father expired and her mother takes care of her and she has one elder brother who is doing his M.Sc,. Her mother told me that they are from lower-middle-class family and she got a job from the same company where her husband used to work. She is the only breadwinner of the family, in that she takes care of her daughter and son and fulfills their desires. This girl is now doing her engineering and got friends who are from the upper-middle class, so they show her their bikes and cell phones which expensive and beyond her capacity.

Earlier she used to be simple and can able to understand her mother’s financial struggle. Now she becomes selfish and daily argue with her mother for small things and gets irritated for the small creepy things. She wanted a good life and wanted her mother to buy a bike and expensive cell phones. The girl wanted to show her friends that she is also coming from a rich family. She doesn’t help her mother in small household things; she sits in front of her books and starts dreaming about her future. The Girl cries for small things.

Mother said that when she tried to explain to her about their financial status she starts crying saying that she won’t ask her about expensive things and again once came from the college she starts her tantrums again. Nowadays she developed the beauty conscious and ask her mother to buy cosmetics for her, once refused again she does the drama in the house.

Emotional Background of the Girl where Pulsatilla 1m prescribed for warts:

Then I asked her about these things, she started saying that her mother does not fulfill her needs; she feels that her mother gives more importance to her elder brother and every time she asks for daily needs, she starts telling about the financial problems. The Girl thinks that her mother does not want her happiness. She feels that not having cell phones and vehicles, which are basic, needs in her sense is shame in her society. The Girl wanted to expose her friends that she also comes from a rich family. She does not like to talk about her mother’s work and their financial crisis in front of her friends. I asked her why she told that otherwise, she may lose her friends.

Even though she fights with her mother, she is more attached to her mother. She shares every feeling with her mother and she wants her attention and love from her mother and brother. She relieved by caring for her mother. The Girl wants to be consoled otherwise and gets irritated more. She gets angry when she blamed and not fulfilling her demands. She expresses her feelings by crying and yelling at her mother.

How did I prescribe Pulsatilla 1m for warts in this case?

Basing on her nature and physical generals, I concluded that she is emotionally unstable. she doesn’t know what to select in her life, she is uncertain in most of the things, she is more attracted to the high life and she is depressed with not getting those and she wants them at any cost and at the same time she emotionally attached to her mother and she wants every caress from her.

As she is a teenage girl with an emotional roller coaster kind of instability, I gave her 1 dose of Homeopathic Pulsatilla 1 M on 12/10/2013, told them to come after 1 month. After a month on 15 November 2014, her warts stopped progression growth has arrested. I counseled her and told them to come after 1 month. After 15 days on 1st December 2013, they came back, saying that her wart on knee fell down. Then I said it is good progress, not change any medication. After 3 months on1st, February 2014 I repeated Pulsatilla 1 M again, followed by Medorrhinum 1m a dose, wart on the head also fallen. Slowly her attitude also changed and now she is able to judge herself and started concentrating on her studies.

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