– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

 M. H., aged 46, widow, multipara.
 Menopause, ten months ago.
 Has psoriasis palmaris.
 Fissures and cracks in hands.
 Heat and itching of hands.
 Restless at night.
 Waking frequently.
 Pressure on vertex.
 Coldness of thighs.
 Feet cold and hot.
 Distension of abdomen.
 Numbness of fingers and toes.
 Workings from Pathological State (Particulars) to Generals (Wrong Method).
 Psoriasis palmaris, 997. 1 – Crot. h., kali s., lyc., nitr. s., petr., phos., psor., selen., sulph.
 Itching of Palms, 1004. – Petr., selen., sulph.
 Heat of Palms, 992. – Petr., sulph.
 Numbness of Fingers, 1018. – Sulph.
 Heat of Vertex, 124. – Sulph.
 Coldness of Thighs, 945. – Sulph.
 Gave one dose of sulph. 50m. and placebo.
 A week after she said that the medicine made her so much worse that she stopped taking the powders (sac. lac.).
 At the end of September I worked out the case again, this time from generals to particulars, and gave calc. c., 2c.
 Calc. c., 1m, was given a week after.
 General improvement followed rapidly, and she is now well.
 Working from General to Particulars (Correct Method).
 Irritability, 57.
 Heat of Vertex, 124.
 Acon., aur., calc., camp., carbo. an.
 Cham., chel., coc. c., corn., crot. h., daph., eupi., graph., grat., hep., hyper., lach., laur., med., mez., nitr. c., nitr. p., nitr. s., nux v., phos., tarent., sulph., thea.
 Anxious Dreams, 1202. – Acon., aur., calc., carb. an., cham., crot. h., eupi., graph., hep., hyper., lach., laur., mez., nitr. c., nitr. p., nitr. s., phos., sul.
 Waking Frequent, 1221. – Acon., aur., calc., carb. an., cham., graph., hep., lach., mez., nitr. c., nitr. p., phos., sul.
 Numbness of Fingers, 1018. – Acon., calc., carb. an., cham., graph., hep., lach., nitr. p., phos., sul.
 Numbness of Toes, 1022. – Acon., calc., phos.
 Coldness of Thigh, 945. – Calc., phos.
 Itching Palms, 1004. – Calc. c.
 Calc. c., 2c, and Calc. c., 1m, cured. – Ridpath, in Jour. B. H. S.
 Hints. – For every annoying rumbling in the bowels try Aloe.
 Persons inclined to faint may need Ammonium carb.
 Those troubled with cold heads may be bettered by Sepia.
 For a tickling cough, in those subject to bilious headache, try Sanguinaria.
 For a bruise-like aching in the eye try Ruta. Also for the pain persisting from sprains and wrenching.
 For eroticism, Picric acid 30.
 Sore throat, swallowing hurts, bones pain, Phytolacca.
 Stupor, red face, slow breathing, Opium.
 “Worse in the morning,” Nux vomica.
 Green, bitter, bilious condition, Natrum sulph.
 Old cases of malaria are often cured by a few doses of Natrum mur. 30.
 Itching, scabby spots, Mezereum.
 Oenanthe crocata is mentioned by the old medical writers as a remedy for epilepsy or “fits.” One of them describes the effect on those eating it: “Of a sudden they fall backward, and lie sprawling on the ground; their faces soon turn ghastly; they foam at the mouth.”
 Unless otherwise stated the above drugs are to be used in what pharmacists call “regular strength” – 3d or 6th – and about eight pellets at a dose taken four times a day.
 Chill, fever, very restless, with anxiety and fear, are loud calls for Aconite. Abnormal fear in any condition probably requires Aconite.
 A “tender spine” with twitching may need Agaricus. – Hom. Envoy. 

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