– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

Prunusspinosa Prunus Spinosa - A Verification

Mrs. M., still weak from an attack of grip which was about passing off, had nausea, chilliness and headache. In the evening the left temporal headache shifted into the left eye where she felt sudden pains as if the eye would burst, better by lachrymation. There was no redness of the eye; the other symptoms ceased except chilliness and feelings in the head and throat as if a heavy cold were coming on; no fever.
 She took three doses of Prunus spinosa, tincture on pellets, during the evening: relief was felt with the first dose: a bland coryza on the left side developed but stopped after the third dose.
 The next morning she was practically well.
 There was no change in her environment except the medicine. This experience may not be conclusive; the pains were probably due to internal vasomotor hyperaemia, possibly were neuralgic, and might have ceased before morning in any event. But the writer has repeatedly observed the same prompt relief of similar pains upon the administration of this remedy – so many times during twenty years or more, that the cumulative evidence fairly outweighs any assumption that it was merely a coincidence.
 Moffat, in the Hom. E., E. and T. Journal. 

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