–  Reviewed by john d. melnychuk, rshom (na)

220px-Prozac_Nation_film Prozac free, by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D. , M.S. W., and Robert Ullman, N.D.

 I loved this book! The dynamic duo from Edmonds, WA, have produced another winner!
 Prozac Free is intended for the general public. It is successful as it provides an accessible and realistic description of the beautiful results that homeopathy can yield for people suffering from mental and emotional illnesses. One reason I like the book is because it is balanced in its discussion of the pros and cons of allopathic medicine, and in its presentation of the limitations and fantastic potential of homeopathy. These experienced practitioners recognise and provide a realistic view of the usefulness and limitations of the many healing approaches available to us. The book is fair to homeopathy and to allopathic medicine. It is written responsibly, and is a refreshingly candid presentation.
 The book contains a succinct, but not overly-simplified description of the basic theory and practice of homeopathy. I was very happy to see that there is also a section which clearly describes what homeopathy is not. This small section should be very helpful for readers who are new to homeopathy.
 The section describing what the vital force is, is satisfactory. I would have liked a bit fuller description of what the vital force is. But, overall, the case examples that are provided illustrate the principles and characteristic pattern of homeopathy working well. The reading public should be able to “get” the idea of homeopathy after reading this.
 One section provides excellent common-sense recommendations for readers who are living with depression, anxiety, low selfesteem and other psychological difficulties. Preachiness and pat answers are not what this book is about. The recommendations are offered clearly, gently and with a spirit of encouragement. This section alone makes the book worth recommending as readers may pick up some tips on how to cope with and alleviate their suffering.
 The authors write enthusiastically about their experiences with homeopathy and about their patients. Their love for homeopathy and the compassion they have for their patients is very apparent. The message of the book is one of hope.
 Prozac Free is full of inspiring cases. The authors succeed in bringing a sense of the totality of homeopaths’ view of individuals, their suffering and healing on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Although the books initial focus is on depression and anxiety, the cases examples all delineate the improvement of the individuals on all levels. What makes the case descriptions so helpful is that they include a description of how individuals lives got better. Readers can easily see that the patients don’t just feel better, they live better as a result of homeopathic treatment.
 Although the book is a shade heavy with Ignatia and Aurum cases many of the cases in the book will be of interest to practitioners. There are nice examples of Bismuth, Thea, Vanadium and even Butterfly cases! The only thing I really wished for in the book was a bit longer follow-up of some of the cases. I feel that a few of the cases are just a bit too fresh and unfinished.
 The book contains a useful glossary and index. In the cases themselves the sometimes tricky descriptions of the sources of remedies, like Carcinosinum, are handled very nicely.
 This book should provide encouragement for the great number of people who are suffering and looking for a better solution for their mental and emotional suffering. There is a resource guide for readers who want to find a practitioner. I’m a bit sorry that NASH was not included in this listing as a resource. 

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