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Hcc summit 

Political-affairs Political affairs  - The north american society of homeopaths-a year in review

At the end of January 1998, the HCC (Homeopathy Community Council) called a Summit to which representatives (President and Executive Directors) from each of the Homeopathic Organizations in the U.S. -The Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians, The American Institute of Homeopathy, The American Board of Homeotherapeutics, The Council for Homeopathic Certification, The National Center for Homeopathy, The International Foundation for Homeopathy, The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US, The Council for Homeopathic Education, Homeopathic Pharmacists-and NASH, were invited to discuss how we can all work together in the best and highest interests of the future of homeopathy in North America. This was a lively and productive meeting the outcome of which will, to some extent, shape our collective future. A report of this meeting is in the Spring 1998 Newsletter.
 NASH, both independently and as part of the ICCH (International Council of Classical Homeopathy-the coalition of professional homeopathic membership organizations), is working to provide leadership globally and nationally. Among other projects this year, the ICCH is publishing guidelines for conducting provings and is supporting the establishment of a provings database and international Materia Medica institute. In addition, it is hosting a case conference in Wellington, New Zealand to strengthen connections with homeopaths in Australia and New Zealand. A further goal of the ICCH is to establish national or regional sub-councils, for the purpose of strengthening the position of homeopathy at a local level. Ideally, such a North American Council would be made up of professional and medical homeopathic organizations, for the purpose of expanding the profession and responding to national health care issues.
 Homeopathy, as a profession, continues to grow and spark interest throughout the world. Thousands of students are entering schools and training programs every year in all corners of the globe: from South Africa to New Zealand and Russia, from Romania to Finland and Iowa! These students are looking to us, as practicing professionals, to be role models for them, to be mentors and preceptors. They are counting on us to set and maintain high standards of practice, conduct and research.
 NASH is in the process of creating a strong foundation for the future. Our scope is large in intent and vision, and the work entails a wide variety of activities on many levels of professional, political and social awareness. Many thanks to those of you who have stepped forward so far with your time, energy and creativity. Our own history has shown us that it will take vision, courage and dedication from all members of NASH to be able to serve and reflect the needs of a growing professional homeopathic community. We welcome the challenge and hope that you will too. 

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