Scanty, hard, as though burned; In small fragments; Viscous; In a single mass; Difficult, (clinging to the anus like clay).
 Before stool 
 Frequent and ineffectual desire; Prolonged efforts (stool in small fragments or is not hard); Violent pressure in the rectum; Violent shootings in the rectum compelling an outcry; Slight tenesmus.
 During stool 
 Cutting pains, burning and protrusion of the haemorrhoids; Burning in the rectum.
 After stool 
 Sensation of great weakness in the abdomen and chilliness; Slight tenesmus and tingling in the anus; Shooting pains in the anus with spasmodic contractions in the thighs; Violent itching in the anus; Chilliness about the head, breast and arms.
 Catarrhal obstruction of the nose. Want of appetite. Eructations after eating. Sensation of cold and weakness in the abdomen, constrictions, pressure from above downward, oppression of the stomach, forcible efforts for the emission of gas. [Colic in the umbilical region, running into the back; pressing and bearing down in the abdomen; the pain is excessive, causing the patient to turn in all directions.]. Flatulency. Tingling tenesmus and itching at the anus. Feeling of lassitude in the limbs; cold feet. Seminal emissions. Induration of the womb.
 For chronic constipation depending upon a neurosis with spasmodic constriction of the intestine. When due to lead poisoning or after travelling; in women as a class, or when the condition is severe enough to produce a displacement of the uterus, also in lying-in women; in sedentary subjects, and when there are co-existing menstrual troubles.
 Hartmann says : It has often happened to me, in rebellious cases of constipation in which Nux vom. did not bring any relief, to give Platina6 with advantage, especially when the evacuations took place only after violent effort, often necessitated manual assistance and were composed of small, black, hard masses. 

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