Slender, long, dry, tough and hard, like a dog’s; voided with difficulty.
 During stool 
 Great efforts, although the stool is not hard; Cutting pains in the anus, with the hard stool.
 After stool 
 [Exceedingly painful cramps in the rectum.]
 Pressure at the pit of the stomach after eating, with excessive flatulence; Swelling of the abdomen and rumbling of gas, with sensation of weakness and emptiness in the abdomen.
 Intestinal inertia, says Espanet, can in certain cases, produce a constipated condition, especially when the voluntary muscles do not aid in the act of defecation. This constipation need not always be a contra-indication for Phosphorus; it is not so at least it, at the same time, there is atony of the sexual organs. We would mention that Espanet includes in his article upon Phosphorus, not only the metalloid of this name, but also the Phosphoric acid.
 [For the constipation due to a gastric neurosis, and when occurring in fevers and chronic diseases of the circulatory and intestinal tract, with prostration of the vital forces.] 

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