KENT: “Mental enfeeblement is the thought that will come into the mind when considering what the Ph-ac. Patient says, does and looks. The mind seems tired. When questioned he answers slowly or does not speak, but only looks at the questioner. He is too tired to talk or even think……… in acute diseases, he especially in typhoid fever, is averse to speaking or answering questions.”
 ”In every case we find the mental symptoms are the first to develop….Ph-ac., has also great physical weakness; so tired in the back; so tired in the muscles; so tired all over; a paralytic weakness.”
 ”Most of the complaints are ameliorated from keeping warm, from absolute quiet, from being alone at peace.”
 ”Its use in low fevers must be studied. The complaints come on slowly, slow decline, slowly increasing prostration. Such appearances as are found in advanced typhoid. It has the prostration, tympanitic abdomen, dry, brown tongue, sordes on the teeth, gradually approaching unconsciousness; little thirst, increasing to intense to intense thirst with craving for much water during perspiration; wants to be let alone: looks at the questioner with glassy eyes as if slowly comprehending the question; pupils contracted or dilated; eyes sunken; hippocratic countenance; continued fever; bleeding from the nose, lungs, bowels, haemorrhage from any mucous membrane; discoloured lips, covered with sordes, becoming very black, prostration gradually increasing.”
 ”Chest complaints are acute; typhoid pneumonia; low forms of fever ending in chest troubles; not unlike Phos. Prolonged pneumonia with the mental symptoms lack of reaction, infiltration at the end of pneumonia.”
 ”Prolonged fever ending in feeble heart, with palpitation and the mental symptoms. Tendency to abscesses after a prolonged fever.”
 ALLEN : “Heat: without thirst; excessive, depriving one almost of consciousness; internal without being hot to the touch.”
 ”Fever all night with frequent passing of large quantities of clear, watery urine; not much thirst side on which she lies painful.”
 ”Heat yet cannot be uncovered (Bell.). Hot head cold feet.”
 Tongue : Red streak in the middle of the tongue.
 Craves refreshing, juicy food.
 HERING: “Useful in pneumonia when disease cannot take normal course, owing to great prostration of patient from loss of vital fluids; diarrhoea, depressing emotions, etc.”
 CLINICAL : Sluggish, painless fevers; typhoid fevers, remittent fevers, with cerebral symptoms.
 POTENCY : 1st to 200 potency and higher.
 Compatible: Chin., Rhus-t., Nux-v.
 Compare : Phos., Puls., Lyc., Sul., Sil., Mur-ac.
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