Phimosis cure in Homeopathy

Phimosis cure in Homeopathy how:

Phimosis is the most bothering symptom in adolescents. Even it affects childhood and diabetic patients. In this article, we will discuss how a Phimosis cure in Homeopathy happens. Furthermore, How homeopathy treatment is effective on phimosis? In addition, we will know phimosis homeopathic medicine. Moreover, we will have insight on phimosis homeopathic treatment without surgery. What’s more, we will learn the treatment of candidal balanitis in homeopathy.

Phimosis cure in Homeopathy

To know how to cure phimosis in Homeopathy first, we need to know the cause of phimosis:

  1. Scarring of foreskin
  2. Inflammation or an infection of the foreskin or the head of the penis – Balanitis, Candida infections
  3. Long-standing and Uncontrollable Diabetes

Homeopathic medicines cure the cause of phimosis. Thereby the problem of phimosis resolves itself.

Phimosis cure in Homeopathy is possible when the medicine can cure the scarring of foreskin. Mainly, curing foreskin inflammation can cure phimosis with Homeopathic Medicine.

Homeopathic Drug for Balanitis and Phimosis:

Balanitis can cause by improper cleanliness of the foreskin. Accumulation of excess spegma, the while patchy material under the foreskin causes Balanitis. In addition, infection or inflammations can lead to Balanitis and posthitis. The bacterial and fungal infections like Candida Albicans are the cause of Balanitis.

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Jacaranda Caroba 30 Homeopathic drug for Balanitis:

Heat and pain in the penis, painful erections, phimosis indicates the Jacaranda Caroba 30 Homeopathic drug for Balanitis. If you experience the symptom of the painful swollen prepuce, Jacaranda Caroba 30 benefits you. Jacaranda Caroba 30 benefits also chancroid, Chordee cases. It is a great Homeopathic drug for Balanitis with Itching pimples on glans and prepuce.

Treatment of Candidal Balanitis in Homeopathy:

Candida infection is also a common cause of Balanitis and Phimosis. Homeopathy treatment for Candidal Balanitis is safe and most effective. Treatment of Candidal Balanitis in Homeopathy needs a constitutional remedy. However, Candida Albicans 30 or 200c is the most effective medicine. Any kind of fungal infection yields very well to Candida Albicans 30 or 200c. A single dose of Candida Albicans 30 in Homeopathy can cure your Balanitis permanently.

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Merc Iod 30 for phimosis cure in Homeopathy:

Another most effective Homeopathic medicine for Balanitis and Phimosis is Merc Iod 30. The full form of this remedy is Mercurius Iodatum. Merc Iod 30 is mostly useful to cure the inflammation of the foreskin of the penis. That is the reason this homeopathic medicine cures the phimosis. Phimosis cure in Homeopathy is especially possible with a single dose of Mercurius Iodatum 30c. Apart from 30c merc iod 200c is also the most effective potency for Homeopathic Phimosis cure.

merc. cor. – 1m for phimosis cure in Homeopathy:

Phimosis causes great heat in the penis. merc. cor. – 1m is one of the Homeopathic remedies to cure such heat in penis and phimosis. The complete name of merc cor is Mercurius Corrosivus. Moreover, Merc cor 1m is very effective in the Homeopathic cure of paraphimosis. Balanitis is another condition can cure with merc. cor. – 1m. In addition, this remedy benefits many other conditions. However, Mercurius Corrosivus 1M is really a high potency in Homeopathy. Particularly, you needs to consult your Homeopathic physician for the exact dosage. Homeopathy treatment is effective on phimosis with Merc cor 30, 200c, or 1m.

Homeopathy for phimosis caused by diabetes:

An infection and high blood sugar levels because of diabetes cause phimosis. It is one of the complications of diabetes. As mentioned earlier Candida Albicans infections are common in high blood sugar causes. Here Homeopathy treatment is effective on phimosis with Mercurius Corrosivus 1M and Candida Albicans 30c.

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