– Kent’s conversion to homeopathy (P. Schmidt)

Dr. Richard Phelan is the man who brought Kent * to homeopathy by first curing his wife and consequently radically altering Kent’s views on the “absurdity of homeopathy,” then becoming his first tutor in its art and science. Phelan was born in Ireland in 1836. He emigrated to the US and practiced law in Minnesota and then Missouri. He fought in the Civil War, with the Missouri Regiment. He attended the Homeopathic College of Philadelphia, and returned to Missouri to practice. He died in 1902. His hand-written, 7,702 word, senior thesis was found in the archives of Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. Transcribed by Julian Winston, excerpted by Greg Bedayn.
 …Homoeopathy is that Science which has as its object the curing of disease by the administration of therapeutic agents of a dynamico-catalytic nature, which induces in the organism symptoms or conditions of a nature similar to those of the disease it is intended to cure.
 …Here allopathy is stunned -it is before the jury; and being unable to establish the truth of the facts it proclaims to be governed by, it goes off into rage, and exclaims, “Don’t insult my nobility, I am two thousand years old!” To attempt to cure any of those diseases by producing conditions of a nature contrary, or rather opposite to that of the disease, is ridiculously absurd, and if diseases can not be cured by producing the opposite effect, why this Allopathic system must, sooner or later, fall to the ground.
 …Precisely the same principle is involved in the treatment of all acute forms of disease by material doses of drugs. When the invading enemy first intrudes upon innocent vitality, the nervous system is called upon to battle for the safety of the terrestrial frame, and in doing so, sends out messengers (which we designate symptoms) to invite the physician to come to the rescue; and if only the least aid he rendered to vitality before the invaders take full possession, his route from the premises will be speedily effected.
 Now this is precisely what the mongrel low dilutionists do. They come to the rescue before the enemy has time to establish his Steud Quentus; but if unfortunately he is found in full possession those tadpoles never come up to the scratch, they either skirmish at a distance or beat a speedy retreat.
 While we regret the practice pursued by our tardy bretheren, we do not wish to be uncharitably disposed towards them, and consequently we must enter our objection to the use of the termMongrel as applied to them, because from it we cannot imply a change of State in accordance with the natural growth of events, and therefore we prefer to apply to them the more suitable epithet -Tadpole. This term, it will be seen, implies progress, as being the first state of that animal from its spawn, by and by they will get legs, and finally jump clean out of the mud.
 You see this change of state beautifully demonstrated at Cleveland, there you find tadpoles no longer, they have got clear out of the mud, their skirts are nearly cleaned, and in New York they have already begun to get legs.
 …We grant that a glass of good punch may restore the circulation when checked by the chilling blast, but we deny that such an influence is curative. Such is Old-School practice. The genuine Homoeopathist does not palliate, but he cures those juvenile conditions and relieves the system of the predisposing cause.
 …The true homoeopathist knows that the 200th potency will cure disease and he also knows that the 200th would be too crude for certain conditions of vitality, requiring him to go higher still. We might content ourselves here by saying we know these things to be true and why therefore trouble ourselves by trying to impress the same upon unwilling minds. But this will not do. If God blesses man with a knowledge of this great and saving law of Homoeopathy, it becomes his duty to communicate it to his fellow men, and to discharge his whole duty in this regard, he must never cease doing so until the grave receives him into her bosom. From this brief review, it is plain that Homoeopathy, as taught by Hahnemann and his followers, is the expression of the only true and reliable system of therapeutics on the face of the earth. The blistering, bleeding, leeching, cauterizing, purging system of the Ancient school of Medicine can lay no claim whatsoever to it. Its remedies are agreeable to the taste, speedy in their operation, and when properly administered, always crowned with success.
 …Hahnemann too met the opposition of his day, but the material doses of allopathic opposition and logic could not reach the spark that inflamed his soul -it was the vitalized principle of Heaven -Heaven’s banner borne before the breeze which can be cut down only when men shall cease to be.
 …Homoeopathic therapeutics has surrounding it all the marks of perfection that we see displayed in the various other productions or operations of nature. It is one, indivisible, unchangeable law, alike today, yesterday, and forever -always advancing, never receding. The same symptoms produced by a remedy one hundred years ago can be reproduced today by the same agent, and such will be the case as long as Human Nature shall last. Its principles are axiomatic, alike taught and understood all over the world. Thousands of learned men have flocked to its standard, while millions of our people bear homage to its name. It is the truth of Creation being vindicated by the multitude and before the force of its progress will yield every vestige of opposition as does the tender sapling beneath the mighty avalanche. It has spread chaos and confusion among pathologists of the day, and raised Medical Jurisprudence to a level with itself. It has spared to many a would-be orphan an affectionate parent, and banished death from the cradle of youth.
 O venerable founder, Hahnemann! To the memory of thy name be erected a temple of fame in which all true admirers may worship; and may Heaven “Speed the happy intercourse from soul to soul, and waft a praise from Indus to the pole.” 

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