pancreatitis homeopathy

Manage Pancreatitis Symptoms with Homeopathic Remedies

Do you know that in the United States yearly around 2 lakhs of people have been admitted to hospitals diagnosed with acute pancreatitis? And also, about 50k people are hospitalized as they suffer from chronic pancreatitis? Truth to be told, this is not a health condition to be taken lightly as it can also give rise to death when not treated immediately, and with care.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

pancreatitis homeopathy

Pancreatitis symptoms depend mostly on the case i.e. if it is acute or chronic and vary from person to person.

Acute cases can arise due to heavy drinking and hit upon rapidly. Other reasons for acute cases could be accident trauma or gallstones.

Although known to be life-threatening, many people recover from acute pancreatitis if given the right medical intervention and treatment. Nevertheless, if these acute cases repeat it is very much possible for acute pancreatitis to develop into a chronic one.

On the other hand, chronic cases develop at a slower rate, yet can last a lifetime.

Chronic cases are also a result of alcohol abuse and the surface slowly. Other reasons for chronic pancreatitis can be even hereditary, specific prescription medications or a shortage of key nutrients. However, the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis if left untreated or not treated properly can produce physical scarring of the pancreas that can lead you to more severe diseases such as causing digestive disorders, diabetes, and also pancreatic cancer.

Diagnosing the symptoms of pancreatitis, be it acute or chronic requires a rigorous examination and sometimes multiple tests as well. The pancreatitis type and its severity will decide the course of action in the lines of resolving the disease condition.

Usually, it is severe cases which require a surgical intervention whereas a few days on clear liquids can resolve the problem in case of acute cases.

Defining Pancreatitis

Inflammation of the pancreas can be termed as pancreatitis, in short. A small organ tucked in the upper abdomen, the pancreas is located behind the stomach and in front of the spine.

The pancreas is liable for transforming food to fuel, and aids in digestion by generating the needed enzymes to break down fats and carbs along with the creation of two vital hormones, namely insulin and glucagon.

Besides the two known types of pancreas i.e. acute and chronic, there are more rare forms for this disease like childhood pancreatitis and autoimmune pancreatitis.

Natural treatments aid in pancreatitis symptoms that may help prevent future episodes. And there are some natural remedies also like homeopathic treatments or remedies that may help defend against pancreatic cancer.

Managing Pancreatitis symptoms with Homeopathic Treatment

There are some homeopathic clinics which claim that their medicine provides relief from future acute attacks of pancreatitis as well as provide relief from chronic cases if taken for a long time. And unlike conventional treatment, these medicines are claimed to work beyond providing mere symptomatic relief.

With its ability to intrude the digestive process of an individual, chronic pancreatitis can very well affect a patient’s life to an adverse level. The level of adversity due to pancreas depends largely upon the patient’s underlying sensitivity towards the stimuli. If the patient’s sensitivity is good, they can always throw up symptoms with good characteristics where the symptoms can be easily identified and treatment also is given accordingly which stops the spreading of disease.

Homeopathic medicines are known to work on a holistic level providing healing from within. These medicines work as a remedy that can energize the leftover unaffected pancreas in order to balance blood sugar levels and stimulate digestive enzymes so that the patient’s digestive function is enhanced. This way, immunity gets built up and also prevents further weight loss.

Find Your Constitutional Homeopathic Remedy for Pancreatitis

Managing Pancreatitis at Home

Besides hospital treatment or long-term homeopathic treatment, it is necessary to make the following lifestyle changes. As these changes are recommended to help in recovery assistance and they also prevent pancreatitis from recurring. The lifestyle changes to be followed are as follows:

  • Drink more than adequate amount of water
  • Lowering alcohol consumption
  • Stop smoking
  • Refraining from eating high-fat foods.

It is also seen in patients suffering with acute pancreatitis who can reduce their risk of causing chronic pancreatitis by giving up their alcohol habits.

Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment for Pancreatitis

Other Best Practices to Avoid Pancreatitis

There is obviously not a single specific pancreatic diet that controls chronic pancreatitis. If you are suffering from this condition, then there are some general rules you can follow for nutrition. First of all, needless to say, it is extremely recommended to avoid alcohol intake.

Likewise, it is best to also avoid high-fat foods as they will burden an already overworked pancreas. The fat intake must be regularized, as per The National Institutes of Health which says that pancreatitis patients should limit their consumption to not more than 30 g of fat a day.

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