– The Homoeopathic Treatment of Constipation ,BERNARD H.,

In connection with the preventive, hygienic and accessory treatment we have already mentioned several medico-surgical means, especially the injections and tampons of charpie introduced into the rectum
 Suppositories, says Trousseau, are, for men especially, more easily employed than anal injections. Suppositories of cacao-butter are sufficient in the greater number of cases; suppositories of soap or honey are also efficacious.
 Merat and Delens, in their Dictionnaire Universel de Matière Médicale, mention the singular expedient of Dr. King, of Glasgow, who removed a constitution of six days standing, which had resisted all attempts at a cure, by distending the rectum with air from a pair of bellows; an evacuation followed this procedure and all danger ceased.
 Under the head of compression, in the same work, we read : “One of the most prompt means for removing a constipation due to a spasmodic constriction of the anal sphincter, is to make strong lateral pressure (on the left by preference) upon one of the sides of the cone which the faeces form for purpose of expulsion during the first efforts at defecation; a mechanical pressure which forces the spasm and which does not possess the uncleanness of the digital traction nor the pain attendant upon the use of an instrument, means to which we are sometimes compelled to resort.”
 When the rectum, says Grisolle, is distended by tampon of indurated faecal matter, and when the efforts at contraction are not sufficient for its expulsion, when the injections or ascending douches are insufficient either to remove or soften it is necessary to extract them with a curette or with a handle of a spoon or better still, with the index finger. When the mass is broken, a cold injection or the ascending douche is often sufficient to expel the faecal mass entire. 

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